8 Mantras To Be An Entrepreneur And Not A Wantrepreneur

8 entrepreneurs share the mantras that made them achieve the greatness they aspired for

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Starting your venture is like having a baby that requires all your attention, affection, passion, time and investment. It's not just about bringing a new life but also how you plan to introduce them to the word.


Just like having a child, opening your own startup is a noteworthy experience. You are going to struggle, things are going to get tough, there will be regrets, you might question yourself, you are going to have dreadful nights......but in the end, everything will be worth it.

When you opt to become an entrepreneur, the stakes are high! After all, it is no more a theoretical one.

Remember everyone can be a wantrepreneur but being an entrepreneur requires real guts.

It's not just a profession but an axiom that you aim to build. So when looking for motivation and greatness hear out these entrepreneurs and eight mantras that made them achieve the greatness they aspired for.

Be Your Own Investor, Brain, Student & Teacher:

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A lot to understand? Well, this first mantra defines a strong person. Be your own teacher, student, brain and rest will follow.

Actress and entrepreneur Gauhar Khan is one such example. She recently launched her own label Gauahargeous out of compassion for her fans. While entering the business was a planned step, she decided to do everything without anyone's backing.

Talking about it she said, "Take your time. Be your own investor, brain, teacher, school. Learn things on your own. It is good to be a student again, make mistakes and correct them. Create something that is not just your own but something that consumers can connect with."

Be An Entrepreneur, Not A Wantrepreneur:

You can either be on the table or on the menu it is all about the choices you make. Nothing can stop you from wanting what you truly.

"Sometimes even though you have it all, the money, the idea, and the inspiration, fear can keep you from making it big. That is the biggest difference between an Entrepreneur & a Wantrepreneur. Entrepreneurs use fear as motivation," said Vishal Adnani, founder of Elves & Co, a gifting store.

The Ball Is Always In Your Court:

You can do it, but it is about making that effort and actor, television presenter, and entrepreneur Samir Kochhar swears by it. His experience in sports, made him understand that it was also a business call. Today, he owns Goodfellas FC football team.

"If you wish to be a successful entrepreneur in any field you need to be aware of the intricacies of the market. Hard work is the key to success. Give your 100% and make a move towards your goal. The ball is always in your court and it is up to you whether you wish to score or pass it to the opposing team meaning, your success is the result of your own efforts," he said.

Love & Eliminate:

Knowing what to love and what to delete is the key to success. Keeping it simple, Beas Dev Ralhan, Co-founder, and CEO Next Education talked about the importance of elimination, something we often forget. "Keep eliminating what can kill you and one day you will have something which will stand the test of time," he said.

While Divya Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, Safeducate said, "Do what you love and if you can't then start loving what you do."

It Is Not Supposed To Be Easy:

When you really aim for something, the whole universe works in favour of it. But remember nothing in this world is easy to accomplish.

"Listen to your heart and do what appeals to you the most. You might not be the best at it when you start off but spend time, energy & resources in honing your skills and becoming a master at it. It's never going to be easy, its in-fact not supposed to be easy, otherwise, what's the fun in doing it! But, once you commit to doing what appeals to you the most and follow through, is when you will realise how pleasurable life is," said Bhupendra Khanal, Founder, and CEO at Dogsee Chew.

Be Positive & Write Your Own Success Story:

It doesn't matter how smart you are, how much money you have or how strong you are. It doesn't matter what college you graduated from and how many degrees you have. What matters is how focused you are. If you aren't able to harness your talent, then it means nothing.

"How many success stories do you need to hear before you write your own? Think about everything you want from life and make a list. Keep it short and to the point. Every morning is a new chance to have your desires turn into reality. Believe that, because it's the only truth. Stay focused, stay positive. Tomorrow morning don't wake up to live, wake up to be alive," explains Shradha A Salla- Founder of I Love Me & I Love Edamame and celebrity numerologist.

Real Change & Responsibility:

What if your passion can actually make a difference? "They say success is 50% hard work and 50% circumstances. For those of us blessed with good circumstances, contributing to the betterment of society, is not a choice but a responsibility," explains Joy Sharma, founding partner of Impactify.

Adding more insight to this Bhupendra Khanal said "The even better sweet spot is where your passion intersects with what's good for the world. Try and make sure that your work brings about a real positive change in the world and can uplift the lives of the people around you. The feeling of achievement when this happens is unparalleled."

The Success Mantra:

Every entrepreneur has a journey to complete and a purpose to meet, but not without these thumb rules.

"Just do everything with discipline and you will be successful something. Learning from our mistakes and accepting feedback is one of the most important qualities," says Aravind Sanka, Co-founder, Rapido, India's First and Largest Bike Taxi App.