Here is How Students Can Balance Their Life as Entrepreneur

All you need to do is set the priorities right and synchronize them in order of their deadlines

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Business can be started after the 30s, says who?


You cannot be running a business along with studies, have you read this somewhere?

A new league of generation-next is coming up who are ready to take on entrepreneurial challenges along with their studies. What is worth pondering is that you want to enjoy the best of both the worlds, so you have to devote ample time and justification to both. There are times when you need to give more time and efforts to study, whilst there would be times when your business demands more attention. Juggling between two full-time roles can be demoralizing and bullying. To ace at both the zones, browse and implement these handy tips:

1. Make a schedule

Don't just keep running. Plan ahead and make a daily, weekly and monthly planner. Incorporate your deadlines for the upcoming assignments as well as business orders which need to be processed in that time frame.

"Planning a schedule will help you clearly charter a work schedule and put things in the pipeline. You will be able to manage both the roles and meet the deadlines without much panic," says Sachin Jain, Director at Girnar Global Study abroad Consultants. Keep ticking off the list as they keep happening.

2. Optimal utilization of college resources

You are at the best resourceful place if you start your business while at college. The easy availability of abundant resources will be of great help in research and networking.

Sachin Jain further emphasizes, "Make the best use of all the knowledge that the library has to offer; take guidance from professors adept at their fields; seek counselling from students organizations, and all this will help you to grow in business with your studies."

Networking is crucial for any start-up and the college environment can expose you to the best supportive network and beneficial contacts.

3. Prioritize and act

Commitment is the single most important factor in success. Now you are in a dilemma as you are committed both to work and studies. You do not want your grades to suffer, neither do you wish that you lose your clients and name. A wise suggestion comes from Arpit Jain, CEO of Promatics Information Technology. He says," All you need to do is set the priorities right and synchronize them in order of their deadlines. This makes the functioning systematic and smoother."

4. Practical learning is the buzzword

What better than learning the practical application of your subject material on your own start-up? All that you learn in books can be practically applied and imbibed in your start-up. "I studied most of the concepts of the tech-world and made them a part of the enterprise I founded," suggests Arpit.

"Planning to start a bakery was the best decision along with my studies. With the advent of social media, YouTube and the knowledge of baking basics, I could establish my name, give wings to my passion and pursue my studies along with the development of the venture," proudly states Seerat Chhabra, a young entrepreneur, owner of Patisserie et Boulangerie.

5. Take a break and focus on health

With so much to be done at the helm, you don't want to stress out and give up too soon. To strive and thrive under extreme pressures, you need to be resilient in mind and body.

Sakun Aggarwal, CEO of Krishna Brickworks exemplifies the importance of good health and a sound mind at such a tender age. He says, "Contrary to the robust energy, you might drain out with endless impending deadlines hanging over you". He insists on taking a break to rejuvenate the mind, letting the creative juices flow undeterred and let the mind focus on the task at hand. Exercise/go for a walk/join a dance class and make sure to take a break.

Wrap up: Joining the business league while young is what Elon Musk insists on. You are a storehouse of ideas. Do not let your zeal to work fade out. Instead, opt for the right classes and go ahead to put your ideas into practice. All you need is the focus and passionately follow your grades and business.