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Realistic Approach to Becoming a Billionaire Once in our life, all of us have dreamt of becoming a billionaire, becoming a billionaire is not impossible, but it takes a whole journey of ups and downs to reach the pinnacle

By Ankit S. Maharishi

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Trying to become a billionaire is something which requires enormous dedication, passion, and hard work of course! And that's the reason many of us can only dream of becoming a billionaire. It's not about how and where you start things off. It's about your unique choices and perfect decisions that take you a long way.

You will find many articles on how to become successful in your business, or how to become a billionaire in the shortest time period, but in this article we have shared with you a reality check, the reality of becoming a billionaire, how it feels like, and what could be the best possible realistic approach of becoming a billionaire.

Remember These Tips on Your Journey to the Crest!

1. Your Dreams Matter, Keep Your Aim High!

No matter what others say about you and your objectives, you only need to focus on what you are doing. You need to understand that you don't have to prove others wrong! You just have proved yourself right, before you ask people to believe in you; first, you believe in yourself.

Apart from that, make sure that your business idea or your vision is unique and authentic. Your approach should be so unique that it should help society and your employees grow financially and socially as well. Your leadership capabilities are one of the factors that makes you different from other entrepreneurs and become what you want to be!

From Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos, most of all the famous billionaires came up with some unique ideas. While Bill Gates was the first to distinguish how personal computers could transform the way business operations, education, communications and entertainment will look like in future, Jeff Bezos, the founder, Chairman, CEO, and President of Amazon dreamt of a future where virtual businessperson could online and operate business tasks.

Which will offer a wide range of selections for the customers at a little operating cost that will ultimately lead to better and satisfying customer services?

Therefore, belief in yourself and you inevitably need a unique idea, always remember, it is still about a different dream, a novel idea that makes a difference.

2. Big Objectives Demand Complete Commitment

Passion, determination and other stuff are refreshing, but make sure whatever you do in your life, do it with lots of love for the work. If you don't love the work that you are going to, then forget the thought of becoming a billionaire. You have to devote yourself to this work to succeed in it entirely. Work on it in such a way as if you don't have any backup plan.

You see, its human nature, when it is about their survival, humans tend to work harder than ever, and when they start something unique and also have a backup plan, they are more likely to focus and value the backup plan and not the actual work (which they used to call their "passion"). That's the reason why not having a backup plan is good sometimes.

Your work should be so dear to you, that you don't need a holiday from it! It's about complete committed to your work and to the idea of being successful. No entrepreneurs and business leaders believe in the design of taking a day off from their work.

Therefore, work hard day and night, it might take some time or a bit long, but a day will come when people would start calling you an example of overnight success! Yes, it takes a whole lot of hard work and sleepless nights to become an overnight success. Never be afraid to work hard!

3. Success and Failure... Face it, But Never Stop!

Well apart from being a bit of advice to make you realize your dream into reality, this is something which will help you in your life as well, never be afraid of failing, all these failures are here to teach you a lesson for life and will add up to your experiences. These experiences will help you at the most unexpected and crucial times, and you will be thankful that you failed at something in the past, and not going to repeat the same mistakes.

Always remember, a great idea takes time to come into shape in reality. An example of an English inventor is James Dyson, who invented the vacuum cleaner, but it took him more than fifteen years and over five thousand one hundred failed prototypes before making a finished product, ready to be sold in the marketplace.

4. Esprit De Corps is Essential!

Once you start dreaming of becoming a billionaire and begin walking on the path, remember that no one in the world has ever achieved the esteemed status all alone. Running something on a vast scale requires a whole team of genuine, trustworthy and hardworking individuals. There are many examples to prove this point, whether it is Microsoft's Steve Ballmer or Paul Allen beside Bill Gates, Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin or Apple's Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, who led the company to the top.

A partner in business will help you understand the different perspective of your potential customer, he or she will help you stay focused on the objective and even at times when you start judging the idea of working on your dream, he or she will help you start again and work harder. A great business partner will come up with criticism when they feel that you need it the most. Working with someone who's more experienced is also an excellent idea as it completes the stuff that you might miss and bring the attributes that you don't have at this time.

5. Customer Satisfaction is the Highest Priority

Show your creativity, try new ideas in your business and deliver the best, but in all this process, don't be over-fascinated by the dream of becoming a billionaire, keep your customers on the top and customer satisfaction should be your one of your highest priorities.

According to a contributor at Forbes, about seventy-five per cent of the world's billionaires have reached this position because they sell everything that their customers want from them.

Always remember that your customers can become your brand ambassadors, your profit makers, and everything that makes you reaches a bit more close to your goals.

So, What's Your Plan to Reach the Pinnacle?

Ankit S. Maharishi

Co-owner, Sunrise Electronics and Founder, Writers Together

Pink city is my place, blogging is my space, co-owner at sunrise electronics and founder of writers together. I believe in spirituality and power of Lord Shiva for the peaceful soul.

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