The Home Curator Jahan Tahiliani, CEO of Tahiliani Homes and son of celebrated designer Tarun Tahiliani, has overcome several dilemmas and moments of self-doubt to reach where he is today

By Bhavya Kaushal

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The advantages of having a known surname could be several. Likewise, the weight of responsibilities that accompanies the surname could be even loftier.

But Jahan Tahiliani, son of celebrated designer Tarun Tahiliani, has overcome several dilemmas and moments of self-doubt to reach where he is. He is heading the realty arm of his father's business because as he himself puts it, "Retail and fashion don't resonate with me."

Jahan is tall, suave, intelligent and has his demeanour deeply rooted in Indian values. He says, "In India, the culture of family businesses is strong."

Conversations with him reflect how deeply he values his family and the aspect of doing "anything to not disappoint our parents."

Some Fond Memories and Humble Beginnings

Jahan Tahiliani shares earliest memories of him getting introduced into the business world by his father, "I must have been around 5 or 6 years old. I remember going to the studio with dad. He was sketching designs and used to even stitch himself."

He further adds that he got the exposure to the world of design and business very early on, "My summer holidays were spent sitting in the store, making friends with designers. I spent countless days sitting around the studio."

Around the studio and the world, his father was building.

Tahiliani shares that the thought of joining the family business did not come naturally to him. He says, "I had studied economics at university. I wasn't clear where I wanted to spend my time. I was less inclined towards the family business. I was focusing more on the things that were closer to my heart."

When he graduated from high school, he, along with his friends, worked on a microfinance project wherein they took 5 lakhs and dispersed the amount to around 100 women. Sports and social work are close to his heart but soon life took him another direction when he started working with CB Richard Ellis, an American commercial real estate services and investment firm. And there has been no looking back ever since.

Me and My Dad

Having an overachieving parent can sometimes put extra baggage of expectations. However, Jahan Tahiliani is secure, mindful of not losing his individuality by moving forward with the spirit of constantly learning. He is all praises for his father, "He is a creative guy, you can give him a task to create anything from carpets, perfume, watches to airplanes, villas etc, anything!"

He also says that his father's energy, dedication and work ethic are in a league of their own.

Right now, Tahiliani is lazer-focused on homes, expansion with four points in mind-developments, hospitality, pure interior work and tie-ups. They are looking at tying up with people in the home and decor space who are market leaders in their segment.

"We complement each other well," says the beaming son whose eyes are shining as if he ready to take on the world.

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