Nurturing Women Entrepreneurship with LIVE Skilling Tutorials Bansal looks to grow their revenue nine times

By Deepa Vaidya

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Nikhil Bansal, co-founder, Alippo

Started in 2021, Alippo is a LIVE upskilling platform for women that skills would-be entrepreneurs to start home-based businesses like, baking/cooking, makeup, skincare, stiching and home decor. In a world full of skilling platforms, Alippo is, "Building India's first women-only edtech to teach baking and make-up with live online classes at affordable prices. The long-term vision is to convert a section of these women into home-based entrepreneurs," says Nikhil Bansal, co-founder, Alippo.

He adds, "Alippo was born out of COVID-19. Not much has changed except that we are getting closer to our vision of becoming a reality everyday. The community is highly active since it's a cohort-based, women-only community and helping other community members grow."

Says Bansal about their USP, "The biggest USP is that it's India's first ed tech focussed only on women. Within the platform, our USP is that we have the community angle, where women come together, communicate among themselves, help each other, talk to other people to receive guidance to do something great in life. So, the community is the heart and soul."

"We knew this pattern. This entire insight was there from the start, that if you want to make this a very solid community of similar interest women coming together and engaging among themselves helping each other out, you need to restrict this to women only. Otherwise, the entire community angle goes for a toss," he adds.

Alippo is also trying to bring in the entrepreneurial aspect to their offering. He says, "The pilots are happening, but not at the stage to comment. The vision is to be in the entrepreneurial space only in the sense of upskilling. A certain percentage of these skilled women will become entrepreneurs. Alippo will provide them various tools and make their entrepreneurial journey seamless, wherein they start earning a lot of money without having to get out of their home."

Alippo offers a wide variety of live skilling courses, with affordable basic 5-day courses at as less as Rs. 200/- and an advanced 11-day course for Rs. 500. Explaining their model, Bansal says, "Alippo keeps a percentage of that revenue after paying to the instructors and other variable costs."

Talking about the sustainability of their edtech, Bansal says, "Without raising any initial funds, Alippo was an EBITDA-profitable company by achieving customer excellence and operational optimisations. Now that our seed round is closed, we are gearing towards writing the next big story for our underserved women customers."

In the current fiscal, the skilling ed-tech is looking to, "Grow 9x in revenue with technology at its core, powering a sustainable growth engine."


· Year of establishment - 2021

· No. of employees - 72

· Average course fee - Rs. 200/- for basic 5 days course to Rs. 500/- for advanced 11 days course.

· No. of students taught - 70k paid customers.

· Acquisitions made so far - 1, to be disclosed in June 2nd week.

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