Entrepreneurs Are Not Born, They're Made A path must first be envisioned before anything else and later lay out goals to set out and to make it a reality

By Shiraz Khan

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It is in the nature of every society to invigorate massive conformity. This can be ideal for some, whereas existing and future entrepreneurs prefer a different cup of tea. The parameters and criteria laid down by the society can become caging in terms of attaining success. It thus becomes vital to break free from the clutter to embark on the quest of difference. Entrepreneurs belong to the exclusive group of individuals who liberate themselves from the crowd by opening the first doors to leave their claustrophobic paths.

The word entrepreneur is borrowed from the French word "entreprendre' meaning – to undertake. It shares similarities with a word from home; the Sanskrit word Antha Prerna which means "self-motivated'. Some scholars from the 17th and 18th century even termed it "a risk-taker'. The essence is that it is crucial to take the leap of faith if one wants to pursue entrepreneurship. Calculated risks that are backed with responsibility and self-motivation are key to the success of an entrepreneur. People are not born entrepreneurs, they become entrepreneurs.


It all starts with the big picture. The mental picture of what an individual seeks to accomplish over a period of time. A path must first be envisioned before anything else and later lay out goals to set out and to make it a reality. A positive outlook ought to be constant regardless of the chains that hold us back. The unwavering focus like that of a falcon must be exemplified to stay true to the vision despite the highs and lows.


The gravest mistake an entrepreneur can make is to devalue the contributions of employees. Valuing the inputs and efforts while churning the best out of available resources is the mark of a great entrepreneur. Adopting an inclusive approach in the decision-making process is bound to keep them a few steps ahead. Consulting people while encouraging independent thinking creates a mutual understanding that can constantly develop a venture's relevancy. It is a critical game changer that fastens the ladder's ascent. A sense of common ground allows proactive employees at the venture's disposal where they are not merely considered resources to get the work done, rather creators of powerful synergy. This cooperation edges closer to the reality of the shared vision.


The need to innovate and eliminate the box entirely rather than merely thinking outside it has become the norm for successful entrepreneurs. The truth of the day is that the demanding world is seldom satisfied dwindling the lifespan of the term "state of the art' substantially. There must be innovation in terms of marketing, user experience, technology, designs and strategies among others to meet the growing demands of the people. Thus, constant creativity is the need of the hour rather than resting on our laurels.


Although the thought of consistency may be strenuous for some, the importance that it holds is paramount. While keeping up with a fast-paced world, the learning process must never cease. A constant renewal of knowledge and skills must not simply be required, but rather demanded from within to reverberate to employees. "Rest in peace' is reserved for the wonderful world.

Finally, it is equally important to pause from time to time to catch our breaths. We require the time to let everything sink in and recuperate to derive further continuity in appetite and virtuosity.

"Never give in - never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." - Winston Churchill

Shiraz Khan

Founder Director of Spicetree Design Agency

Shiraz formed the venture on 6th June 2004; prior to this, he was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a software developing company. He coordinated sales and marketing strategies from the turn of the millennium to 2004. Inspired by the perspective to beckon growth not just for himself but for all that associated with him, he embarked on a journey of his own. Shiraz conceived the brand – SDA and he plays a big role in making the brand successful. What started off as humble beginnings are now two lavish offices in the heart of Mumbai’s suburbs! SDA has today reached a point where their decade long clientele consult Shiraz for his expert opinions before they undertake a project for expansion and launch of their new products and services.

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