Shiraz Khan

Founder Director of Spicetree Design Agency

Shiraz formed the venture on 6th June 2004; prior to this, he was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at a software developing company. He coordinated sales and marketing strategies from the turn of the millennium to 2004. Inspired by the perspective to beckon growth not just for himself but for all that associated with him, he embarked on a journey of his own. Shiraz conceived the brand – SDA and he plays a big role in making the brand successful. What started off as humble beginnings are now two lavish offices in the heart of Mumbai’s suburbs! SDA has today reached a point where their decade long clientele consult Shiraz for his expert opinions before they undertake a project for expansion and launch of their new products and services.



Entrepreneurs Are Not Born, They're Made

A path must first be envisioned before anything else and later lay out goals to set out and to make it a reality

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