10 Bareback Essentials For Doing Business Online From Shopping to Trading every thing that the economy consists of is Online

By Gaurav Gurbaxani

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Every business is in transition to becoming an online powered business.

And that is a BOLD statement. Whether it's your Local Paan vendor, High-End Manufacturing Equipment supplier or whether you are selling breast implants your business needs to on the Internet. Period.

So here are the bareback essentials for doing business online:

1. You Need A Home Base

This could be your website or blog. Today even your Facebook Group, Youtube Channel, Instagram Profile or something else that you do daily can be your home base. Think of your home base as a congregation of responsive users coming to you daily.

2. You Need Consistent Traffic

Without traffic, your business is as good as dead. Have a consistent targeted source of traffic every day, all the time. There should be no business that is complaining about the lack of traffic. Today traffic is a commodity. You can go to the shop and buy it, The shops here being Google and Facebook, You pay them, they deliver traffic.

3. You Need An Automated Follow Up System

An unautomated business is an inefficient one and such businesses cannot virally scale. With a matter of clicks and template imports, you can be well on your way to automating a HUGE amount of your day to day offline marketing activities.

4. You Need Reporting

Without reporting you are a pilot who is flying blind. But with reporting, you can actually afford to fly blind especially when there are systems that can grow your business on Autopilot today.

5. You Need To Convert Visitors Into Money

Are you happy just being popular or would rather be rich and popular? The riches on the Internet come in the form of conversions. You need to have a system to drive fresh cold traffic that converts into HOT ready buyers with their credit cards out consistently.

6. You Need To Outsource

Remember if you are running an online business then you need to have an online team. Finding online freelancer is as easy as taking an Uber. You have reviews, testimonials and social proof that your task is going to be well taken care of.

Forget about hiring in-house expensive talent to run your online business for you. Outsource it and keep the profits.

7. You Need the Right Tools to do the Job

Honestly, would you prefer an electric powered hacksaw or a butter knife to rip through a building? Virtually every digital marketing task has an equivalent robust software to do the heavy lifting for you so find the right tools for the job.

8. Implement Winning Strategies From Your Competitors

Uncover your competitor's secrets, turn around profit faster and never reinvent the wheel. You can literally reverse engineer everything from a landing page, ads that they are running on Facebook and Google, follow emails, blog posts, videos and then innovate and find your own USP.

9. You Need to Stick Through

Starting is fun, succeeding takes patience. While online businesses are perhaps significantly easier to manage and operate than say a factory, it still is a business that involves risk. The more you learn, the more you earn.

10. You Need Content To Make Cash

We have heard it before, content is the king, and it's true. If any business is serious about growing a profit, it directly corresponds to the amount of quality video that is put out. If Content is King, then let Video be the Ace. Using Video content is the way forward to every business shape and size.

Finally, always use tested waters to scale and grow your business into the online success that one would deserve by the implementation.

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Gaurav Gurbaxani

Entrepreneur Leadership Network Writer

Chief Gigster

Hi, I’m Gaurav, a digital nomad obsessed with helping people make a living online. Equal opportunity is my tag line and the Internet is my greatest blessing.

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