Revolutionizing the healthcare space - PharmEasy's vision for e-healthcare

Recently PharmEasy's parent company, API Holdings bought a major stake in Thyrocare. With its vision for an integrated platform for healthcare, PharmEasy has a whirlwind of an experience, especially with pressing healthcare demands in light of the pandemic

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By Puneet Kapani

Sidharth Shah- PharmEasy

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Siddharth Shah, PharmEasy co-founder, discusses the latest ongoings within the brand, the significance of major collaborations, their offerings, and much more. Here's what he had to say about recent developments and the underlying concepts of how their brand operates.

PharmEasy offerings for healthcare

Siddharth describes the offerings of the PharmEasy platform- "We are creating an integrated technology healthcare platform. Our platform will connect all the needs of the patient - starting with the information that they need, consultation, diagnostic tests, right up to their treatment which includes medicine, OTC products, and a regimen."

"Such an integrated healthcare platform does not exist in India as of now," he added. The PharmEasy team believes that an integrated platform will be able to practically change the outlook and reality in the health sector. For far too long Indian patients have been subject to queuing up for too long and several hassles for healthcare. Getting all of this in one place will be a significant game-changer for everybody.

Impacts of a streamlined healthcare mechanism

Talking about the impacts of PharmEasy Siddharth said, "The greatest joy for us is that we can deliver any medicine to any zip code of India. That is the biggest thing for us today." Their strong-felt impact can also be seen through the partnership with Thyrocare, which is a multinational chain of diagnostic and preventive care laboratories.

"Throcare today, has the ability today, to carry out diagnostic tests with results coming out in under 24hours to 70% of India's population. It's not very often that you can create an impact at such a scale across the length and breadth of the country," he added.

Transitions as a company during the pandemic

As per Siddharth, "The pandemic has not caused a transition to the company but our mindset, as people has truly changed with pandemic". And rightly so, as people weren't so well-informed and conscious about the concept of wellness. The play of digitization with these changes has had a massive role to play.

"I think healthcare is now going to become front and center, and the crying need of the hour. The digitization that happened in fintech over the last ten years is now happening here. There is a durable impact, a paradigm shift in mindset, as well as a massive space for digitization. Because of these put together, the approach of the average Indian resident towards healthcare has changed," he emphasized.

Staying relevant in the market & future growth

"A business is relevant as long as it changes with time to accommodate consumer needs", Siddharth asserted. PharmEasy keeps its focus on consumer needs and technological integrations for the current times to stay relevant for the consumers of today. Siddharth believes that for the next 10-15 years an integrated healthcare experience is going to stay relevant on the charts, to be able to provide everything at one place and one time.

For the upcoming years, Siddharth comments, "Ideally we want to cover 100% of India's population to relay medicines, diagnostic tests, and consultations within 24 hours." Driven by this goal PharmEasy plans to grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come for new-age healthcare.

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