Sky is the Limit for Entrepreneurs Who Have These 5 Traits

The first thing an entrepreneur must keep in mind when he starts a business is give it a purpose.

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Divyanshu Ganatra lost his eyesight to glaucoma at 19 thinks his blindness has nothing to do with what he does. He has been an entrepreneur since the last 19 years and runs two successful companies.


Here are the 5 aspects he thinks one needs to have in them that really drive a person's entrepreneurial spirit barring all limitations aside.

Ability To Take Risk

One is your ability to take risk. There is big difference between low risk and high risk and between gambling and medium risk. So always have the ability to take risk and pushing the bar each time.

To Learn From Your Experience and Make Course Corrections

Often that's where entrepreneurs fail. They are not agile, they are not mobile. They don't make quick course corrections. You are getting feedback, but sometimes you are not getting feedback working but you keep thinking rather than doing something different.

To Drive Businesses With Purpose and Not Profit

Profit is an outcome, purpose is what drives you. The first thing an entrepreneur must keep in mind when he starts a business is give it a purpose.

"When you do it for profit, all you think is if I cut corners, I can make 2 bucks. And I make 1 million products and I save two million bucks. Then you end up making bad products and bad service and that's a short-term business mindset. But, when we drive businesses with purpose, we think about how we can make the best product in the world.


How much can you quickly bounce back or stick it out in adversity. For me, a great example of resilience is Steve Jobs who was thrown out of his own company at the age of 30. But he bounces back and makes another company equally big, equally amazing and gets called back in his old company at the age of 52. I think that's phenomenal – to take two billion dollar companies from scratch. To look for opportunities in whichever situation you are in

Celebrate Your Failures As Much As You Celebrate Success

To build mastery and challenge in your business, Ganatra feels it's important to celebrate. How can I have engaged employees, an amazing workforce and an amazing culture and a whole team of passionate workers driving this organization is all about celebration.