The Best Dressed Male Entrepreneurs Of India Entrepreneurs who make a mark not only with their ventures, but also with their unique sense of dressing.

By Punita Sabharwal

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There's a different charm about businessmen. And, if they are impeccably dressed, you can call it the cherry on the top. Entrepreneur brings to you the most well-dressed male entrepreneurs of India. They make a mark not only with their ventures, but also with their unique sense of dressing.

(This article first appeared in the Indian edition of Entrepreneur magazine (March 2016 Issue).

Charming With Luxury

Sanjay Kapoor, Managing Director, Genesis Luxury

Favorite evening wear: A Canali suit that spells sophistication, tailoring excellence and comfort for me.
Pulling off a casual look includes: Smart casuals from some of my favorite brands such as Hugo Boss, Armani and Paul Smith. I like to wear a nice pair of jeans with a polo tee and jacket if the weather permits.
Shaving mantra: I like a clean-shaven look.
The shoemaker I trust my sole with: Berluti, Church's, Bottega Veneta and Tod's
Get my clothes from: Canali, Armani, Paul Smith and Hugo Boss
Favorite fragrance: Tom Ford at the moment.
Favorite spirit: Yamazaki 18
Favorite cuisine: I love experimenting with new cuisines. These days I am quite partial to Peruvian.
Best work moment: To see Genesis succeed against odds, which has happened several times.
Workout regimen: I love to run. After work, I usually take off to a park and run for a couple of miles, else while traveling and in hotels, I do make it a point to hit the gym.

Carefree Elegance

Ranveer Brar, Chef

Favorite evening wear: An evening look essentially would be an all black Bandhgala with grey pockets to it. Grey and black would be my tones for the evening.
Pulling off a casual look includes: A tennis jacket
Shaving mantra: If I have a choice, I would keep a little stubble.
The shoemaker I trust my sole with: Most of my styling is done from Devotie
Get my clothes from: Most of what I wear is gifted by my designer friends. Two brands I really believe in are Zara and Armani.
Favorite fragrance: Paco Rabanne and Itr from Lucknow
Favorite spirit: Single malts, Grappa and Schnapps, in the order of preference
Favorite cuisine: Ghar ka khana and Italian
Best work moment: The day I was certified as a Chef
Workout regimen: 30% yoga, 30% cardio and 40% diet

Always In Vogue

Rituraj Sinha, Promoter, SIS Group Enterprises

Favorite evening wear: Chinos with a formal shirt/T-shirt or Jacket depending on where I'm going.
Pulling off a casual look includes: Worn out jeans, loafers and a casual shirt
Shaving mantra: Every day
The shoemaker I trust my sole with: Salvatore Ferragamo and Tod's
Get my clothes from: I prefer "made to size' for office formals. For casuals, Armani Jeans, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and A&F are my favorites.
Favorite fragrance: 212 Carolina Herrera
Favorite spirit: Hendricks and Tonic
Favorite cuisine: Chinese
Best work moment: Yet to come
Workout regimen: I am not as regular as I would like to be.

Keeping His Cool

Anupam Mittal, Founder & CEO, People Group

Favorite evening wear: Jeans, T-shirt and a light jacket
Pulling off a casual look includes: A snug fit plain cotton T-shirt, comfortable jeans and loafers
Shaving mantra: One week stubble
The shoemaker I trust my sole with: I usually buy shoes in Europe, mostly Italian. Cavalli is my favorite.
Get my clothes from: All over when overseas and Troy Costa when in India.
Favorite fragrance: Issey Miyake
Favorite spirit: Black Label
Favorite cuisine: Mediterranean
Best work moment: Yet to come
Workout regimen: Yoga, 3 times a week; weights, twice a week, and swimming, once a week

The Royal Look

Raghavendra Rathore, Director, Harmony Systems Pvt. Ltd

Favorite evening wear: Jodhpuri Bandhgala jacket
Pulling off a casual look includes: Maintaining a stylish quotient while being comfortable
Shaving mantra: Clean and sleek with a splash of Ralph Lauren Polo
The shoemaker I trust my sole with: Stefano Bemer Bespoke Shoes
Get my clothes from: My personal tailor at the Rathore atelier
Favorite fragrance: Eau Sauvage by Christian Dior
Favorite spirit: Nothing beats Old Monk rum
Favorite cuisine: Indian
Best work moment: Always nice to hear if a client is satisfied after the bespoke experience
Workout regimen: 30 minutes of cardio

Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

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