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Majority of the songs that Desi Music Factory is a part of exceeds 100 million views

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Being an independent music label, Desi Music Factory has become popular even though that was not the case in 2015 when independent music was not considered as popular. The determination of Anshul to stick to the idea of making the independent music sector big as they have been successful in doing so. Desi Music Factory works on a limited number of songs. Majority of the songs that Desi Music Factory is a part of exceeds 100 million views. "To have such numbers in independent music by an independent label was considered impossible" says Anshul. According to Anshul, it is the combination of good concept of the videos and quirky lyrics which make the songs stand out and make them sound unique which has been one of the reasons behind their steady rise as their songs become popular among the masses. Desi Music Factory has more than 31 Million Subscribers on YouTube and is considered as one of the fastest growing music labels in the country.

Desi Music Factory
Anshul Garg, co-founder and CEO, Desi Music Factory

The company has not raised any funds as it claims to be profitable since day one. However, plans for an IPO are in the pipeline and may come to fruition in the next couple of years. There have been ups and downs in the business but Anshul is of the opinion that their determination and persistence to make independent music big has helped them achieve more than 31 Million Subscribers on YouTube in 5 years. He believes that he worked in the right direction which has resulted in the success of the company.

COVID has played a huge part all around the world as everyone has been a victim one way or the other. People have been forced to sit at their homes because of the lockdowns enforced all around the world to curb the spread of the deadly virus. Desi Music Factory, however, delivered a lot of hits during the year which has been a result of the releases which were pre-planned. According to Anshul, 2021 was a good year as people knew how to tackle the lockdowns. He also adds that it a good year for music as people consumed a lot of music while they were locked inside their homes. The company has seen growth of 4x in the past one year as people consumed more content while being at their homes as technology has taken center stage in the lives of the humans. "We see high profitability in next couple of years," says Anshul. Desi Music Factory has also
entered into Bollywood Film Music, a feat which none of the independent music labels have been able to execute so far. The first film that Desi Music Factory will be associated with is going to be in association with one of the biggest production houses in the industry, Dharma Productions as the film will be starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi.