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The Realty Brothers The Ajmera brothers want to bridge the generation gap to ensure the company is growing in all dimensions and evolving with time

By S Shanthi

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Left to right – Yash Ajmera, Rushi Ajmera, Jigar Ajmera, Project Directors, Ajmera Group

Since the business's inception, Rushi, Yash and Jigar Ajmera, project directors and new-generation entrepreneurs at Ajmera Group have cherished various memories. "One particularly esteemed memory was our assignment to work from the construction site. This allowed deep insights into building construction's foundational facets, covering functions like procurement, accounts, billing, and more. This experience has fostered personal growth and imparted invaluable life lessons. As the adage holds, Theory has its place, but practical wisdom is paramount," says Rushi.

The Ajmera Group has been a business spanning over 50 years and three generations. Being the third generation in the business, Rushi, Yash and Jigar were eager to bridge the generation gap to ensure the company is growing in all dimensions and evolving with time. Talking about some of his bold moves at the company, Yash says, "Right from driving the social media presence of the company to adapting the modernized construction techniques, few of the initiatives that I have taken to drive the operational growth of the company."

However, the brothers believe there will be always a difference in the way two generations perceive and look at any given scenario. "My father brings decades of experience and his own individualistic and well-honed expertise of what to do in a specific situation. On the other hand, my perspective would be shaped by my comprehension of matters and circumstances. Having said that, we have elaborate discussions before taking any decisions," says Rushi.

"Honestly, we come from a family where everyone welcomes new ideas and is open to exploring possibilities. The acceptance or rejection of the idea is secondary. What takes precedence is the environment that encourages us to think beyond the square. In case of a difficult scenario, the idea gets evaluated by facts and a decision is taken," adds Jigar.

The third-generation brothers ensure they abide by the value that they have imbibed from their seniors. With the core being traditionally strong, they are now focusing on upgrading our processes, SOPs and other operational aspects from conventional to tech-driven in order to attain optimum output and productivity. Right from software-driven processes and practices in the office to the adoption of technology in the construction process, they are focused on adding to efficiency and seamlessness, ultimately driving the energies towards attaining the goal of 5x growth in the next five years.

Given that the real estate sector ranks as the third-largest employment provider in India, there exists substantial potential for the company through both forward and backward integration. The brothers are presently engaged in actively identifying prospects within these domains. "My primary emphasis will involve advancing the legacy of our footprint in the real estate business," says Yash

The company is looking for diversification not only into new micro markets where we are present but also into emerging trends in the real estate sector including the rise of prop-tech businesses. Newer practices like the integration of technology into property management, the application of financial engineering to create innovative investment structures, and explore the growing popularity of fractional ownership models that are reshaping traditional ownership trends.

S Shanthi

Former Senior Assistant Editor

Shanthi specializes in writing sector-specific trends, interviews and startup profiles. She has worked as a feature writer for over a decade in several print and digital media companies. 


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