The Riveting Story of an Entrepreneur Who is Touching the Blue Skies Quite Literally As an Entrepreneur, Menezes loves getting on with the action and taking a ground view of the potential and problems

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Live the life you want to live, and this is exactly what Rhine Eric Menezes is doing. Rhine is a young entrepreneur and thrill seeker who loves flying into the blue skies. He is a level-headed individual who is skilful and adventurous. His father started the company 'Wings and Flights' 25 years ago and is now widely known pan India for its paragliding and paramotoring school. Since Rhine has involved himself in the business, the Menezes father and son have taken the world of Paramotoring (Powered Paragliding) in India to another level.

The Beginning of Flying

Rhine Eric Menezes began paragliding at the tender age of twelve, with the help of his father and an instructor Mangesh Dighe who worked for the company. He got himself promoted and was introduced to Paramotors at the age of 17. Paramotors are similar to paragliding but due to the use of machines, it becomes more controllable and exciting.

"My dream at that time was to be the youngest Paramotoring pilot of India," Menezes said with determination in his eyes. This goal was achieved, after strenuous training and deadly aerobics performed between the ages of 12 to 17. He then started training students from his father's academy Wings and Flights at the age of 17 and has so far taught 60 students.

Flying was one dream, his plan and ambition of running a business from the ground level was his strategy. "Along with the training, I take part in marketing the various equipment for paragliding and paramotoring. Wings and Flights are manufacturers of Paramotors in India and sells ranges of 100cc up to 802cc. Currently, we are in collaboration with top brands like Apco, Simonini, Niviuk and Cors," Menezes explained.

Wings and Flights have an experienced team who take care of the various aspects of flying which also include maintenance and repairs of the equipment used for flying.

India's Market for Flying into the Skies

Many adventure lovers in India drive down to outskirts of cities where they enjoy aerial views at the height of 1000 feet above the ground. However, Menezes quickly pointed out that the min set is slowly changing in terms of cautiousness.

"The mindset of people understanding that paragliding and paramotoring are safe is changing gradually. I usually keep repeating that it is much safer than riding a bike on the streets. Many question the wind speeds and changes in wind directions, but with new technology and engineering it becomes more controllable," Menezes said.

Menezes has worked with his passionate team and helped the public to know about the thrills of flying and so he has had a number of demonstrations organised by schools, colleges, organisations and tourist places. This has helped him market his products and flying lessons in a more enjoyable and knowledge sharing manner.

"Tourists visiting India love partaking in such activities, as they get a glimpse of beautiful India in aerial view. The on-air experience is extraordinary with some of the flights taking place close to the coastal areas," Menezes explained when talking about the tourism sector of India.

Menezes convinced us that flying is safe and is an experience one would not want to miss out on. Paragliding and Paramotoring have evolved into a wonderful flying sport all over the world including India. The convenience and simplicity are unimaginable. An ordinary man can experience the thrill of flying with expert instructors, who make sure the fears of height, are wiped away.

The Flying Entrepreneur

As of now, Wings and Flights train 40 to 50 students every year and are hoping to increase the number in the future. There is a strong focus on aiming to promote youngsters from India in upcoming world championships of Paramotoring.

"Tourism in India is increasing especially in coastal towns like Goa. Hence we will be introducing new Paragliding and Paramotoring equipment and engines to double up the fun. We believe the engine is the heart of a Paramotor, and we will fit in much powerful hearts to these machines."

Paramotoring can be used in various other fields too, such as disaster management, aerial surveys and also for capturing events from an aerial view. Wings and Flights are hoping to garner the different scopes in the business for the near future.

As an Entrepreneur, Menezes loves getting on with the action and taking a ground view of the potential and problems. "I believe an Entrepreneur needs to love what he is doing, as that is what will drive him into making sure it succeeds. Especially in the business, I am in, if I don't love what I do, neither will my students nor the people who buy our types of equipment," Menezes the flying Entrepreneur concluded.

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