Entrepreneurship, Which is a Glamorized Career Path is Actually a Complete Nightmare Why would anyone do all sorts of work initially, right from brooming, to developing the product, packing it, and even delivering it?, Why will anyone go round and round to all the investors, actually begging to invest on them?

By Abishiekh Jain

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Why will anyone do it when we are not sure of what outcome it will produce. We just work because we hope that we will yield the desired outcomes. So, why do people choose this career when it's a terrible nightmare. Majority of the population choose it because it looks cool and they are flattered by the lifestyle of other successful and wealthy entrepreneurs and they make their way in it and they start building a shit product. Wanting to become their own boss, and what not and when reality hits them with it not being easy.

Why do People Quit?

People choose entrepreneurship because they see some amazingly incredible posts of successful entrepreneurs in jets, in luxurious cars, beautiful mansions, travelling to exotic places, with ridiculously expensive watches and all the youths of India go gaga over it and want to achieve a lifestyle like this and not because they truly desire for it, but they just want to flaunt it in front of their exes or their relatives. Entrepreneurship comes from within and it is not a degree which can be learnt over a period of time, it comes from inside, you cannot just be an entrepreneur like that by seeing other people and most of the people fall for it and that is why when reality hits, they are not able to cope up and QUIT.

They quit, because they just couldn't live a lifestyle below their means, they joined this career hoping they will have a better lifestyle, but turns out to be even more miserable, they quit it and they are the ones who term entrepreneurship is bullshit, it's fading, it's hyped, job is better than business.

And a very fewer people choose this as a career and stick to it no matter what because they love what they do, they are determined, they don't give a rat ass about other people's opinion, they breathe in it and are confined in it. They are ready to do, face anything in their way to become a successful entrepreneur. That for you is a real entrepreneur.

Dark Sides of Entrepreneurship -

It is amazingly difficult work - you have no life balance, no family time, and you will never work harder in your life. It really can be brutal. If you are in for money, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life.

You just cannot focus on other things, the only thing you need to focus is on your business. Forget partying. Your health seriously gets affected. The loved ones distance themselves from you. It's not as easy as a job. It's not 9–5 with only one skill, it's 9–9 with multiple skill set.

It's not easy, it never was and it never will be. Unless you have a well-established business of your father, it's easy AF, don't ruin it.

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Abishiekh Jain

Founder of Hackers Den

An 18-year old programmer and blogger from Chennai, India. Founder of Hackers Den, a technology blog that explains technology in simple English & Co-founder of Speak Out whose blogging event is conducted every year in India.

A Tedx Speaker at the age of 17. He has been in this industry for seven years. He started Hackers Den at the age of 14 and earned his first income at the age of 16. He dropped out from engineering college after attending for a month to pursue his online business, Abishiekh became a boy who didn't like technology to the boy who is making money from it. 

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