Abishiekh Jain

Founder of Hackers Den

An 18-year old programmer and blogger from Chennai, India. Founder of Hackers Den, a technology blog that explains technology in simple English & Co-founder of Speak Out whose blogging event is conducted every year in India.

A Tedx Speaker at the age of 17. He has been in this industry for seven years. He started Hackers Den at the age of 14 and earned his first income at the age of 16. He dropped out from engineering college after attending for a month to pursue his online business, Abishiekh became a boy who didn't like technology to the boy who is making money from it. 



Entrepreneurship, Which is a Glamorized Career Path is Actually a Complete Nightmare

Why would anyone do all sorts of work initially, right from brooming, to developing the product, packing it, and even delivering it?, Why will anyone go round and round to all the investors, actually begging to invest on them?

Growth Strategies

#6 Things I Learnt from Starting a Company at The Age of 16

It is good to fail because it gives you a valuable lesson. As the quote goes "if you don't fail, you are never learning anything new."

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