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#6 Things I Learnt from Starting a Company at The Age of 16 It is good to fail because it gives you a valuable lesson. As the quote goes "if you don't fail, you are never learning anything new."

By Abishiekh Jain

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It is not tough to start a business or a blog at the age of 16. I will tell you the things which I learned while starting my own thing at an early age without any help or guidance.

So, I will list out the things I experienced while starting a company at the age of 16.

Start Early :

The first thing I would like to say is the reason to start early.

You might mock at me by saying that "the age you need to enjoy, you are working, you will miss those precious moments of the life."

For them my answer " I am working hard now so, at the age of 30 where you all will be busy managing your time, working 9 to 5 in a big corporate office, I would be enjoying a vacation in Hawaii.

Starting early is not bad at all, its good, you have ample amount of time. It was the best thing I started early because even if I fail, I don't have to serve food to my mom. It is good to fail because it gives you a valuable lesson. As the quote goes "if you don't fail, you are never learning anything new."

You are only brushing the skills you already possess and not trying to work in a different manner. What if you failed at your 30s or 20s I mean the whole family is dependent you and you cannot go back and start from the scratch, you need to work somewhere under someone and fulfill their dreams and not the life you wanted, right?

You are solely responsible for your startup:

The second thing I learned is in a startup you don't play a single role, you play multiple roles , unless, in some corporates or MNCs where you play only one role, like if you are a content writer then you would just write content and not manage the sales, but in startups you are not just the content writer, you are content writer,plus you are the backend developer, the frontend developer, the sales team, the marketing head, even the receptionist.

You are the one responsible (It's good to be a solopreneur in which you don't have to depend on someone else to get this or that done.)

Earning Money isn't easy:

The third thing I learned is earning money isn't easy, you cannot just go and be a millionaire overnight. When I was around 11 years old, I never understood the value of money, I just thought it is easy earning.All you have to do is just go, set up a store, bring in some products and money gets poured in.

Risk Taking:

I became a risk taker and I stopped fearing things; this was the most welcomed change in me. I used to worry about everything, but now I hardly fear of anything, unless it is a deadline.

I didn't take risks, I was afraid taking risks, I used to think, why to take risk, when you can just leave that, but now I take a lot of risks in my online portal, I don't know whether this will favor me or not , but in business you need to take risks, if you don't then you cannot survive in this market .Don't be afraid of losing, don't be scared of taking a risk and losing it miserably, never lose hope, instead, learn from it and try not to repeat the same mistake.

Time Management:

The fifth thing I learned is managing time; this was the most tedious task ever. If you start a company at 16, then you need to manage your time effectively, because you need to manage your school, your friend circle, and your online stuff. You can follow the same thing I did to manage my time.

Make a schedule, make a timetable and just don't make it work accordingly and you will be able to manage your job, and you will even get free time.Many don't take teen entrepreneurs seriously. They take them for granted by saying that he is just a kid, but you never know how much he is earning or things he can do which you can't even imagine.

It's not tough, it's harder!

The sixth thing I realized it's very tough, very harder than I ever imagined.You won't get that paycheck every month nor you will have any particular working hours.But all you have to do is believe in yourself, trust your instinct.

At last, I would like to say that starting a company when I was 16 years old taught me time management, failures, rejections, criticisms, and even success which is going to be much more beneficial to me in future.

Abishiekh Jain

Founder of Hackers Den

An 18-year old programmer and blogger from Chennai, India. Founder of Hackers Den, a technology blog that explains technology in simple English & Co-founder of Speak Out whose blogging event is conducted every year in India.

A Tedx Speaker at the age of 17. He has been in this industry for seven years. He started Hackers Den at the age of 14 and earned his first income at the age of 16. He dropped out from engineering college after attending for a month to pursue his online business, Abishiekh became a boy who didn't like technology to the boy who is making money from it. 

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