#5 Destinations Entrepreneurs Should Travel to For Better Work-life Balance

Take a Break from Your Hectic Work Schedule and Gift Yourself a Getaway

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By Bharathi Shetty • Jan 9, 2018


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We have just stepped into a new year and already we are juggling between additional sessions of meetings, presentations and personal life. It's good to to take small breaks once in a while to unwind, find your Zen and maintain your work-life balance. Research says that holidaying improves the cardiovascular and mental health of a person. If you are planning to take one, try these 5 international stress-buster locations:


Dubai! Known for its luxurious lifestyles and marvellous architecture should be No.1 on your list for a top notch relaxation and requiescence experience. If you're in the mood for some fun, head to the wild Wadi theme park, built around an old Arabian folktale of Juha offering 30 rides and amazing water slides. If you are a fan of architecture, visit to the Palm Jumeirah is a must! A man-made wonder, this artificial archipelago is created out of sand and rocks, and houses highly expensive villas of famous celebrities like David Bekham, SRK and The Bachchans! View the mammoth 828m Burj Khalifa, (tallest building in the world) which homes the world's fastest elevators, the world's highest restaurant and nightclub. From its 148th floor SKY level observatory at 555m 1,821ft, the amazing view of the shores of Iran can be seen. Al Arab, Jumeirah Mosque and Dubai Museum and Bastakiya, of course, are certainly not to be missed.


Historical, diverse and beautiful Spain! Along with the visit to famous Basilica of La Sagrada Familia, The Alhambra, Burgos Cathedral etc, the beaches of Barcelona are a sight to behold with surfers and the golden white sand. From drums being played to sand artists sculpting away; soak up some sun and de-stress! If you are an art lover Madrid is your city with Goya and Vel?zquez to Flemish and Italian greats. Masterpieces by these and other Spanish painters such as Picasso, Dal? and Mir? now adorn the walls of the city's world-class galleries. If you are in time for the world famous La Tomatina festival that is held in the Valencian town of Bu?ol, don't miss it! Test your adrenaline and head to Pamplona to see the bull runs.


It's quite known for its diverse cultures and unique street food. MacRitchie Reservoir Park houses The famed Tree Top Walk, a free-standing suspension bridge that connects the two highest points in MacRitchie, a walk surely for the brave hearted. Farmart, located away from the city's hysteria will allow you to unwind by the country side where you can even buy and taste affordable and exotic crocodile meat. Kids will love it for the aquariums, bird shows, prawning sessions and feeding of rabbits and goats. Singapore zoo, Night Safari, Gardens by the Bay and Esplanade theatres are fun. Asian Civilization Museum and National Gallery are great for history lovers.


Sweden is known for its summers, the warm weather and its sandy clean beaches. Celebrate the mid-summer festivals with a lot of local cuisines and traditions, if you're in Sweden during June! The capital is popularly known for many rumours about ghosts and spirits in the Old town of Stockholm. A legend claims that the Old Town is haunted after the horrible happenings during the Stockholm Bloodbath! When in South Sweden, opt for a ride around the small island Hven in a bicycle to experience the charming splendour of lush green and blue waters. Other notable visits being Vasa and Nobel Museums, Drottningholm palace and Abisko National Park.


Bangkok, Thailand's capital, is a large city known for ornate shrines and vibrant street life. The night life in Bangkok is most popular for its street food and spirited crowds! Night markets are among the easiest and most enjoyable ways of getting a taste of the local life and cuisines in Bangkok. Markets are spread out in most areas of the city and offer an incredibly diverse range of food and products, snacks and entertainment! Grand Palace, once a King's palace now stands as a popular tourist attraction is a place worth seeing. The locals of Bangkok love street food and hence you will have no dearth of food vendor and tiny restaurants selling Thai food.

Saint Augustine beautifully said, "The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.". Surely, this world has many surprises and amazing discoveries for every human soul. Only when you have met the beauty that nature holds amidst its simplicity and loveliness, one can realize that working is an important part of life, it brings forth discipline, structure and ideals. Travelling from time to time to learn how mother nature does

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