These Two First Generation Entrepreneurs are Women with Nerves of Steel

Nityangi Kejriwal and Radha Kejriwal are breaking the glass ceilings fast and furious

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They head two most crucial verticals – Radha - HR, IR and all non-technical departments, barring finance and Nityangi - Head of Retail Marketing - of Electrosteel Steels Limited. Still in their twenties, these two first generation women entrepreneurs have instrumented robust changes in the group founded by Ghanshyam Kejriwal, in 1950's.

As third generation entrepreneur in the family and first generation of women in business at Electrosteel, Nityangi Kejriwal and Radha Kejriwal are breaking the glass ceilings fast and furious. In an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur India the duo enumerates on the opportunities, challenges and potentials for women in business.

Empowerment starts with investing in oneself

"Women have done a phenomenal job as industry leaders and we have no dearth of such instances in India today. It is important for women to think and decide for themselves. As first generation women entrepreneurs in a family business spanning three generations, we had to face and surmount our share of struggles to carve a niche in the workplace with our skills. Empowerment starts with investing in oneself at an early stage and build the strength to follow the passion and achieve the set goals," puts forth Radha, an M. Sc. in Human Resource Management and Organisational Analysis, from King's College, London. Five years into the industry and she has already re-modelled HR systems and processes and is on the way of completely transforming this area which in a serious industry like Steel is considered more of a statutory compliance, according to most.

For Nityangi it started with an internship, which turned into a one year work contract before post-graduation. Then circumstances at work made her decide to stay back and gain from the experience of working in a "greenfield project'. "Women are increasingly making an impact in decision-making and people are taking their opinions more and more seriously. They are revolutionising the work space and their ideas are instrumental in changing the way industries work," affirms, Nityangi who considers it natural to walk the entrepreneurial footsteps of her previous generations.

Changing for better

Both Radha and Nityangi are bringing in change and introducing new and advanced technology and innovation for better results and increased human connect in the organization.

One of Radha's pet projects is EmpWin – the Electrosteel employee portal. Launched in 2017, this is an intranet portal, now available on the internet and will also be available as a mobile app. "EmpWin, is a first time initiative in the industry and is a custom made platform which helps employees to connect with their colleagues, about and beyond work. The tool is targeted at bringing about a cultural transformation across the Group by bringing in further transparency, sharing, and strengthening the "employee connect' - with each other and that of the Company. Unlike most employee portals, designed for a one- way communication, this is a two dimensional platform – where employees are encouraged to express, to share their lives beyond the workplace and to break geographical and inter personal barriers through virtual connect," informs Radha.

Nityangi has been focused on using cutting edge technology to create an indomitable presence of ESL in the digital world. She harnessed tech innovations to improve sales volumes, product premium, post-sale services, increased brand visibility and recall, to make Electrosteel a quality house and a top-notch service provider. "The digital presence of the company, especially in the marketing arena, was not very pronounced when I joined it three years back. Transforming it into a new digital marketing platform will give the required boost to the brand and product recall while creating and using brand ambassadors to promote and recommend the product," shares Nityangi.

With one unit spread over 5 continents and over 50 countries, and the other being a 2.5 Million Ton Per Annum Integrated Steel Plant and one of the eight Integrated Steel Plants in India, the Electrosteel Group is a 60 year old industry Goliath. Nityangi and Radha Kejriwal are avowed in their endeavour of making the Electrosteel Group, comprising, Electrosteel Castings Limited, Electrosteel Steels Limited and Srikalahasthi Pipes Limited, a globally recognized brand.