This Australian Entrepreneur Has Mastered The Art Of Entrepreneurship

Marcus Pereira has a unique set of skills, which paired with his fearless approach to business, sets him apart from others

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All businesses result on the success of their founders. With their unique blend of innovation and brilliance, successful entrepreneurs can transform their industries by filling a gap in the market.

Shishir Jajoo

This is what Marcus Pereira did when he entered the e-commerce world and ultimately launched his first online store.

His unique skill set, paired with his fearless approach to business and deep knowledge of the cannabis industry, propelled him towards success.

Because ultimately, a company is only as successful as its founder. And there's no arguing Marcus is a leading name in the e-commerce industry.

Still in high school, 17-year-old Marcus Pereira managed to make over $100,000 in just one month with his e-commerce store.

He made the money by finding popular home appliance items online and then marking them up, reselling it on his eBay store.

Marcus Pereira did it all from his home in Australia using just his laptop and internet connection to run the online store on eBay.

What started out as selling a few random products from online retailers in February 2019 when he was just 15 years old became into a successful business bringing in more than $100,000-a-month just a year later.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Marcus was consistently making $30,000 a month, but sales unexpectedly increased drastically during the COVID lockdown, when he managed to triple his earnings.

"I was extremely when COVID first hit. I thought it would result in sales losses due to out-of-stock items, but it was unexpectedly better for me," he said.

"When the first Melbourne lockdown occurred, I noticed sales were slightly increasing and peaked at over $100,000-a-month with sales mainly consisting of at home items, like gym and home equipment."

"The only issue I was facing was that stock was going down; it was harder to get stock from overseas due to the borders and trade restrictions. There wasn't a lot of supply so that eventually slowed me down," he added.

The Year 12 student uses the drop ship business model to make money online – a business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell items on behalf of suppliers for a profit.

He's also avoided the need to get a casual job with his growing e-commerce business.

With the eBay marketplace selling more than two billion items a day, Marcus said it's a trusted platform to buy from, which is why he believes he's had no issues getting sales.

"People are buying on eBay every day for a reason. They have a strong brand and customer loyalty with eBay," he said. "Customers know it's going to arrive on time in brand new condition and they're fully covered if anything goes wrong."

Marcus has even created his own online course teaching people how to dropship and establish another income stream. He also has started a YouTube channel and Instagram account to grow his personal brand.