#10 Amelioration Tips for Leading Yourself to the Pinnacle

Whether it is in your 9 to 5 job, business, or solely in your life, these hacks will surely help you become an insightful and better version of yourself

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By Ankit S. Maharishi


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To keep evolving and be consistent with the rapidly developing world, it is imperative to keep an eye on yourself and update yourself timely. The key to success is the willingness of an individual to adapt to the change and always be open for improvement!

All of us know that nobody in this world is perfect, the only thing which is in our hands is that we can try hard to improve ourselves every minute, every moment and every day.

Whether it is in your 9 to 5 job, business, or solely in your life, these hacks will surely help you become an insightful and better version of yourself.

1. There is Nothing Like Someday, all You Have is Today!

All of us have big dreams, but these dreams don't turn into reality on their own! We have to work on them immediately. Whether you want to gain huge incentives from your boss, promotion in your job, increase in sales volume or want to get into better shape with daily workout, it is imperative to get over the past mistakes and stop tormenting about the future, because all you have in your control is the present! This moment is what all you have in your hands. Therefore, make the most of it and start it off whatever you want, today!

If you're planning to wake up early in the morning, then do it! Don't just expect it; make it happen. If you set the alarm to wake up at 4 in the morning, but can't wake up that early, then set another alarm to wake up at 4:30 or 5 in the morning, but then at 5 in the morning, wake up! Don't you dare drag the alarm to 6 in the morning?

2. Take Charge of Your Life

When you think about getting on to the pinnacle, how much percentage of your success you think would be your own and how much of it will depend on the luck factor?

Here is the thing, just like you want to take full credit of your success, similarly, you have to be accountable for all the problems and the failure you face in your personal and professional life.

Stop making excuses and take charge of your life. It's high time now that you have been sitting in the passenger seat of the car of life. It's time to take the driver seat; it's time to become the in-charge of your life, it's time to be entirely accountable for all the successes and failure in your life and drive your way to the pinnacle.

3. Be a Bit more Polite With Yourself

In the process of self-improvement, don't be overly harsh on yourself. Stress management is the key to handle the workload. At times of small achievements, celebrate! Celebrate the reward of your hard work and be thankful to yourself for always having a hope that you will make it! Similarly, at times of failure, don't try to punish yourself too much. Just remind yourself that all these mistakes are here to teach you something, learn the lessons and move on!

4. See what's in Your Control

More than 90per cent of human beings worries about something they have no control on! While running a business, you can't say when an employee would change his mind and decide to resign from the job, or when an employee would betray with your company.

Therefore, it is entirely useless to worry about such things, you will surely get loyal employees, but for that, you have to focus on providing a the work-friendly business environment for them, rather than concentrating on useless stuff.

You can't change a person's decision if he or she wants to leave you, but you can surely make changes in yourself to make yourself a better person, a better leader, so that, nobody wants to leave you.

5. Your Health Comes First

Apart from everything happening in your professional life, make sure in your personal life that you make sound health your highest priority. Therefore, no matter how busy your routine is, make time for yourself, at least an hour in the morning for meditation, yoga and a decent amount of work out in the gym.

There is no doubt in the fact that starting your day with meditation will fill up your day with more peace and positivity. It will ultimately help you focus on your daily objectives and ignore all the distractions with ease.

6. Reality-Checks are Imperative

Nonstop working without checking whether you're walking on the right path or not is like driving a car with malfunctioning brakes. Huge chances of the mishap, right? Therefore, it is essential to keep an eye on your activities in your business, in your job (if you're an employee) and also keep track of your mental health as tremendous work pressure can bring a lot of stress to your mind.

7. Do You Know What Success for You is?

What is the meaning of success for you? Each one of us defines success differently. For some people, it is all about increasing the sales of their product; for others, it is about attaining job satisfaction, etc. All you need to do is to define what success means to you. Write down your goals and objectives; figure out where you want to be short. This is how you will be able to make plans and strategies and work in the same direction.

8. Clarity of Goals

One of the most critical things while heading towards your goal is that you figure out what your priorities are! Don't hesitate to be a bit more selfish when it comes to prioritising your work before anything else, well your work is something that would help you pay your bills, right?

Every time someone asks me what is the best motivation for me while writing something, is it pleasant weather? Is it nature's beauty? Calm environment? Or anything else? My one-word and straightforward answer is a deadline. Yes, there is no better motivation to get things done than doing it just before the deadline. Having a period for all your short-term goals will help you complete your task more effectively and competently.

9. No Room for Distractions

While running behind your dreams, many factors or things will try to distract you from your goals, and here is the thing, people tend to get attracted to the stuff which looks cool but has some terrible effect on their health, professional life and everything essential for you too.

Some distractions are so engaging that they will eat up all your precious time. This is the time that you should invest in working on your dreams, ambitions and work on yourself, but such distractions will not let you do that!

10. Every Single Second Adds up

Last but not least, keep track of your time. All the above tips won't work if you don't value your time. We can say that time is everything, especially in the initial days of developing a good habit. Manage your time well so that, you have enough time for every vital part of your routine.

Do you remember those last minute preparations for the presentation? Even that previous minute development can do a lot for you to make it big in the performance.

Ankit S. Maharishi

Co-owner, Sunrise Electronics and Founder, Writers Together

Pink city is my place, blogging is my space, co-owner at sunrise electronics and founder of writers together. I believe in spirituality and power of Lord Shiva for the peaceful soul.

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