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Why Women Entrepreneurs Are Game Changers Not only do women have flair for learning but they learn faster than boys

By Devika Majumder

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Gone are the days when women were not often seen in the business world. Now, the business landscape is changing, though at a slow pace. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington, Indra Nooyi are a few names that assure us women are equally efficient when it comes to running a successful business.

I, being a woman entrepreneur myself, believe that women can be equally successful as their male counterparts in the business world. Why? My friend, women have many traits that can put them ahead in the business race.

Here are the top seven business skills that women innately have:

1- Aptitude for Learning

To survive in today's competitive world, one should always be ready to learn new things. New technology and tools come replacing old ones, creating a need to learn new skills. All successful entrepreneurs have an aptitude for learning.

Do women learn faster? The answer is a resounding Yes. And it has been scientifically proven that girls often mature faster than boys. Not only do they have flair for learning but also they learn faster.

2- Towering Integrity

Integrity simply means doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do. In the business world, integrity is a must to become successful and remain successful. As women are naturally evolved to take care of their family, they do the right thing for their families. And they don't hesitate to take hard steps if those steps do any good to their families. Women entrepreneurs with their higher integrity do great in the business world.

3- Innate Ability to Build Relationships

Running a successful business means building relationships with employees, shareholders, vendors, and customers. The stronger relationships one has, the more successful entrepreneur one will be. Women have an ability to build relationships faster, which boosts the chance of their being successful. In a survey, it was found that female leaders excel at "nurturing" competencies such as developing others and building relationships.

4- Superb Sense of Ownership

To be a successful business owner, one needs to take the full ownership of one's business. This is very important to ensure business success. Women are blessed with super sense of ownership. Often, they take full ownership of their families. I don't say that men don't do that. My point is woman brain has developed this way – to take care of people whom they love.

According to a media report, "Women have evolved over human history to care more than men about the welfare of their children."

And this deep care comes from ownership. Women entrepreneurs, due to their superb sense of ownership, nurture and take care of their businesses to a higher degree.

5- Flair for Lean Methodology

In today's cutthroat competition, most companies are experiencing the same thing — to offer products inexpensively and increase profits. The lean methodology is the best way to ensure it. And without any doubt, women are very good at the lean methodology. No woman I know thinks about spending huge right away — be it with their own money or investors'.

We all know how good women are at household expenditures. Similarly, when entrusted, they do a bargaining with vendors and negotiation with stakeholders to get the most out of every business dealing.

6- Higher Adaptability

According to Harvard Business Review, adaptability is a new competitive advantage. Businesses those readily adopt changes based on the need of time grows rapidly. Women are highly adaptable in nature. Be it a daughter, sister, mother, or wife, they adapt brilliantly in their roles to make harmony around them. Due to their superb adaptability, women make highly successful entrepreneurs.

7- Knack for Human Resource Management

Well, there is a reason why you often meet a woman HR manager. Women have a knack for human resource management, and they understand the emotive aspect of business better. This helps them manage people and business efficiently. Also, they can mediate any conflict in business successfully due to their intuitive nature and higher emotional intelligence.

Final thought. I don't mean that, in any sense, women entrepreneur are better than men. Be it a man or women, one needs to have certain business skills in order to gain success. Being a female entrepreneur myself, I feel that women are blessed with certain business qualities. And if nurtured, those qualities can make them highly successful as an entrepreneur.

Devika Majumder

Founder and CEO, Youngpreneurs India

A business visionary and a serial entrepreneur with a deep technical background and has a proven talent for identifying core business needs, developing sustainable operating infrastructures, and delivering measurable results.Started her own consulting firm right after graduation and then while on the consulting jobs, founder mobileSPA – the first mobile day spa concept in the US. She has been featured in Wall Street Journal. Presently, she is spearheading ‘Youngpreneurs’ a strategic initiative to introduce entrepreneurial education to high schoolers in India.
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