Umesh Sachdev on What Prompted Him to Build Uniphore

Uniphore is gradually expanding to North America and also working towards doubling its growth

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When Umesh Sachdev was building Singularis, his first company, he realised that there exists a huge global problem which needs to be addressed. Even though we were amidst a digital revolution, more than half of the country remained disconnected. They did not have access to basic services like banking, healthcare and education due to language barriers.

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Uniphore was started with a vision to enable people to use technology with the most natural mode of communication, speech. "We started building Uniphore with the intent to bridge man-machine communication gap. The technology will be beneficial to enterprises because voice will always play a central role in any customer service," shares Sachdev. Uniphore's technology is capable of not just understanding languages but also multiple dialects, as many as 80+ global languages (including 17 Indian languages). Moreover, they have incorporated artificial intelligence and deep tech to conceive the technology. 2017 was a milestone year for Uniphore with John Chambers taking keen interest in the company, investing in it and taking the role of its "Chief Guru'. Its other investors include Kris Gopalakrishnan, IDG Ventures India, India Angel Network, YourNest Angel Fund and Ray Stata.

This year, the company is expanding to North America and also working towards doubling its growth.