5 Simple Steps for Attracting The Best Talent In The Workforce

The days of employees being motivated by only money are long gone and we need to do something different in the modern scenario

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A company is nothing more than a collection of people, who've come together to achieve a common goal. This is why any organisation is only as strong, innovative, and reputable as the people it employs, as they in many ways personify the company and everything it stands for. All things remaining equal, a well-motivated, professional team will be far more effective at fulfilling their company's objectives than an average one. In a competitive business environment brought about by technology and globalisation, it becomes important for an organisation to gain a tactical advantage over its competitors in order to get ahead. This could be in the form of establishing a strong supply chain, improving distribution, automation, and of course, hiring the most effective people that the industry has to offer.

Getting the best people to join your organisation is of course, easier said than done. This holds true especially for smaller companies and not big brands like Google, P&G, or Coca Cola. Hiring an employee is less like a contract and more like a marriage that requires mutual respect. The days of employees being motivated by only money are long gone. This is because high performing professionals have no shortage of lucrative offers from companies across their respective industries, which means they've grown to expect a lot more from their organisation including, but not limited to, a good working environment, opportunities to advance their career, and doing engaging work rather than repetitive task-lists. Here are just some ways to make your company attractive to top-notch talent:

Have A Strong Vision

A company with a strong vision, an ambitious mission, and a good product is very likely to attract passionate and driven candidates who share their views. For example, while most start-ups may not have the best pay or the best working conditions, they still manage to be hotbeds of talent because they attract people who genuinely care about what the company stands for, or hopes to achieve. People tend to align their personal goals with their company's and this serves as a compelling reason for them to come to work each day.

Be Transparent and Honest

A company that gives its employees a job description which takes into consideration its macro, as well as micro aspects, is more likely to attract talent. This is because it allows employees to place themselves in the roles and responsibilities of the job and see if there's a fit, even aspirationally. Transparency in itself makes for a compelling attribute because it establishes an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect between an organisation and its employees.

Develop A Corporate Culture

A corporate culture is a set of values and ideals that contribute to the overall environment of an organisation. Having an infectious, inclusive and positive corporate culture that is driven by personal and professional growth is a huge bonus when it comes to attracting talent. This is because employees feel more invested in an objective if they genuinely believe that they too have contributed directly to achieving that objective.

Be Excellent At What You Do

Nothing attracts talent to a company like success and excellence, especially when the organisation has carved a niche for itself in its industry. Potential employees are likely to be interested in such a workplace, as it offers them the opportunity to work on thoroughly new or cutting-edge projects at the very forefront of their respective fields. The best talent is motivated by their scope of work rather than money. Being the best in your company's space makes you irresistible to this breed of individuals.

Create A Robust Recruitment Process

A hiring process that weeds out incompetent, dishonest, and unqualified candidates are necessary for maintaining the quality of talent recruited by the company. This process should ideally include rounds of interviews and tests, compounded with an intensive background screening to eliminate any chance of onboarding an unsuitable, or malicious candidate.

If companies are to thrive in such a competitive, volatile business world, it is necessary for them to dedicate substantial time and resources to acquire the best talent they can. Not paying heed to recruitment process or giving it its due importance puts the companies at the risk of losing out on valuable employees. This guarantees their competitors a chance to seize this initiate.

Dr. (Col) John Chenetra

President, SecUR Credentials

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