Traversing the Entrepreneurial Path - Difficult But Not Impossible How to address the challenges in a modern enterprise with the existing resources easily with strategic manoeuvring

By Hiren Shah

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The entrepreneurial journey is, to say the least, quite testing. The path is full of hurdles and challenges. One is faced with the humungous task of establishing the brand and of course, generate revenues. This calls for going into the nitty-gritty and understanding the intricacies & nuances of the market dynamics. Once enough insights are gained, proficient and creative solutions have to be offered through innovative thinking. Typically, a start-up has to traverse this rocky path. But, with the right planning and enough grit & determination, it is possible to bridge the chasm between the startup and success.

Change Is The Only Constant:

The quicker one adopts to the change, the faster one progresses. Every sector periodically experiences a wave of emerging trends. The consumer behaviours change with technological advancements. Thus, in order to survive in this highly dynamic environment, enterprises need to adapt to the latest happenings, & trends in their respective sectors. It is crucial to not just understand the current industry cues, but also predict the future trends, and be constantly ahead of the curve. Entrepreneurs need to constantly upgrade their product/services and provide the clients with the best-in-class solutions which will, but obvious, solve the customer problem.

Understanding & Reaching Out To The Right Audience:

One of the most crucial phases for any startup is gaining a deeper understanding of its target audience. The deeper the understanding, the better will be the returns. An erroneous understanding of the TGs may spell doom for the startup even before it takes its first steps. The key here is acquiring precise & high-quality data on the target audiences and coming up with a product offering that caters to their needs. It is equally important to reach out to them in order to create brand awareness.

Having A Team That Believes In Your Idea:

This one seems pretty straightforward. An entrepreneur must have the ability to convey his/her business idea to the team in the best possible manner, and make them see the huge potential in it. Else, it would be extremely difficult to have a team that works towards a common goal. A team that shares the entrepreneur's vision and mission can go a long way in defining the extent of the company's success. Also, the importance of cherry-picking the core team members cannot be stressed enough. They must have the right mix of perseverance, talent and leadership capabilities.

Driving Growth While Working With Limited Resources:

Be it a bootstrapped or an externally funded startup, managing growth with the limited initial resources is a challenge every entrepreneur has to face. Driving growth while managing budget constraints can be a tough nut to crack. But, working out creative and economically viable solutions to the complex problems is one of the prerequisites to being a successful entrepreneur. Observing a little frugality and not splurging to implement fancy solutions can be imbibed through everyday life.

Availability of Quality Infrastructure

In today's highly competitive markets, the quality of product/services is perennially under scrutiny. For delivering the best quality products, services and customer experiences, entrepreneurs need to focus on using quality infrastructure that will facilitate the best output, at par with international standards. Unfortunately, India is yet to catch up on this aspect. The lack of proper infrastructure is a challenge in itself. In order to address this challenge, the enterprise can tie-up with different global partners, who can provide the required quality of infrastructure, enabling the company to offer the best quality services to its clients.

Being an entrepreneur definitely has its own share of challenges. Some of them need strategic manoeuvring, while others need perseverance. But, in the end, it all boils down to the extent one can push oneself, in order to conquer the seemingly insurmountable challenges. After all, as they say, where there is will, there is a way.

Hiren Shah

Founder, Vertoz Adtech & Martech Business Group

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