We Want To Become the Google Of the Cybersecurity Space, Says This Ethical Hacker And Entrepreneur TAC Security, founded by Trishneet Arora, helps organizations secure their platforms from fraudulent attacks

By Shreya Ganguly

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Trishneet Arora, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, TAC Security

"Hack it yourself, before you get hacked" is the motto followed by Mumbai-based cyber security company TAC Security and its founder Trishneet Arora. The school dropout, who founded the company at the age of 19, is aiming to make TAC Security the Google of cybersecurity space as it aims to provide all related solutions.

As businesses make the digital shift to keep up with the changing business and consumer trends, focusing on cybersecurity has now become more important than ever. At a time when transactions, user data storage and operations have moved to digital platforms, companies have been stepping up their efforts to secure their platforms from cyberattacks.

Hacking and Analyzing the Loopholes

Founded in 2013, TAC Security helps organizations ensure that their platforms are not vulnerable for any fraudulent attacks. Speaking with Entrepreneur India, Arora explained primarily the company hacks into the client's platform to identify loopholes in the system.

Following this, the company comes up with solutions to safeguard the platform. "Hacking is the analyzing process. We analyze what are the loopholes and how can we get into the system or the application or the network."

TAC Security uses its AI-based product named, "ESOF" (Enterprise Security in One Framework), a SaaS model which helps organizations recognize its security weaknesses and cybersecurity maturity.

The Mumbai-based company currently works with Fortune 500 companies, leading enterprises and governments around the world. According to Arora, TAC Security is also India's first cybersecurity company to work for the US government.

Currently, the company works with more than 150 global clients and partners including HDFC Limited, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Industries, National Payments Corporation of India and NSDL apart from various government agencies.

Journey Of the 26-Year-Old Cybersecurity Expert

Arora revealed he was extremely fond of computers in his childhood and the idea of hacking into systems had hit him differently during his teenage years. At that time, computer business was growing and cybersecurity had become the buzzword. Realizing the opportunity in the space, Arora began his entrepreneurial journey with TAC Security.

Speaking about the entrepreneurial journey, Arora said there's something new happening every day and thus every day there is a new high and a new low, but it is important for the journey. "When you really worry about the highs and lows, then it makes you more worried and you end up working for the highs and lows. But when you work for value, then you don't think about it as it comes along with the journey. I believe in enjoying the journey instead of reaching a destination."

Future Plans

Arora envisions to make TAC Security the sole leader in the vulnerability management sector in India within the next three to five years. According to him, TAC Security is aiming to become a company which can cater to all consumer needs in the cybersecurity space. "We want to make TAC Security, the Google of cybersecurity. Whatever you need for cybersecurity, we will have it."

"Currently, vulnerability management market is a $11 billion opportunity across the globe. So in the next three to five years, we plan to capture 5 per cent of it," Arora said.

From products standpoint, Arora revealed his plans to work using machine learning and also come up with the product in the human security segment within one year. "People are also extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks, so we will come up with a solution to deal with this," Arora added.

Apart from this, TAC Security is also looking at geographical expansion. The company entered the US market in 2019. "We are building our product engineering team in Silicon Valley. So there are a few people now in the Silicon Valley, but we are hiring more people and placing them out there," Arora said. The company is also looking to expand its operations in Africa before the current financial year comes to an end.

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