Young Sons-in-law Who Will Write The Future Success Of These Family Business How HCL, Hero MotoCorp, Max and India's largest meat exporting firm are bringing new minds to work.

By Ritu Kochar

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A business relationship isn't just about fulfilling the demand and supply of the market. It's also about building relationships that will be fuitful to both ends. Sometimes business relationships turn personal and sometimes it's the other way around.

In this article, we will talk about such relationships which transformed the lives of these entrepreneurs who were doing pretty good in their lives, but when there significant other walked in, their career had a turning point as well. Not only did they commit personally, but also in business to help the in-laws and spouse, and collectively profit from it.

Shikhar Malhotra

The CEO of Shiv Nadar Schools, Shikhar was doing pretty well for himself as a distributor of Honda. But after marrying Roshni Nadar, director and CEO of HCL and the daughter of tech billionaire Shiv Nadar of the $5-billion HCL Group, Shikhar joined the in-laws family and business as his own and has been showing extraordinary leadership skills.

Shikhar is also a trustee of Shiv Nadar foundation. Currently, he lives with his wife Roshni at a plush house in posh Delhi that Shiv Nadar bought for Rs. 100 Crores.

Pankaj Dinodia

Married to chocolate girl Vasudha Munjal, founder of chocolate boutique chain Choko La, Pankaj got quite lucky marrying the daughter of Pawan Munjal, Chairman, MD and CEO, of Hero MotoCorp. But just so you know, Pankaj is quite the catch himself.

From a family of financial consultants, graduated from the Wharton School and with an MBA from Harvard Business School, Pankaj is an ideal husband and a great son-in-law cum advisor to have around. CEO of Dinodia Capital Advisors, Pankaj's clientele includes Orient,Cremica, Kelsec and also, of course, his father-in-law's firm Hero.

The big wedding was held in 2015 at Madhuban Farms and attended by biggie such as Arun Jaitley and a host of industrialist families and celebrities.

Sahil Vachani

Carving his and his family's business is Sahil Vachani, the managing director of Max Ventures and Industries Limited. A graduate from University of Warwick, Sahil wanted to put his knowledge to work as soon as possible, and did so by taking up diverse roles on his entrepreneurial journey. He started his career as an investment banker with Citigroup in London. In the year 2004, he joined Dixon Technologies, as Business Head, and later in 2008, co-founded the Dixon Appliances serving as MD ever since.

Sahil's entrepreneurial journey was already on a roll and got another jolt when he married Tara Vachani, managing director of Antara Senior Living and the daughter of Max India chairman Analjit Singh.

Sahil and Analjit are known to be best friends and Tara once said in an interview that her father speaks more often to Sahil than he does to her which has kind of become a bone of contention.

Arjun Prasad

A banker from the UK, Arjun Prasad married Pernia Qureshi, the daughter of Moin Qureshi, one of India's largest meat exporters, which turned out to be an icing on the cake for his career.

Pernia is one of India's leading style icons and fashion entrepreneurs who helped her husband in his career throughout. The couple also moves into Service Apartments at Aman, a gift from Pernia's father. However, the couple did not even complete a year of marital bliss when news of their split came.

Ritu Kochar

Former Staff, Entrepreneur India

Ritu used to work as a Feature writer for Entrepreneur India.

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