6 Ways To Triple Your Income In Next 6 Months

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Among the two main paths- making a living or earning real money, most of the people are interested in choosing the latter one. But, they end up making a living only because they are not aware of the things that will let them make real money.


It is the entrepreneurs who make every possible effort to increase their income. And the main thing that lets them realize their dream is their focus on their goal. There is no doubt that you would also be looking to increase your income; so, here we are mentioning some simple tips that will let you triple your income in just 6 months. Let's start.

1. Learn to say "no"

Every opportunity is not good; so learn to say "no". No doubt you are trying to make money but it does not mean that you should get excited when anyone is offering you the money. Before getting excited about the money you will get, examine thoroughly that what the person is expecting from you for that money. In the case you find his expectations outrageous, you should not be afraid to reject the offer. Also, you should be clear that when your answer would be "no" for an opportunity.

2. Don't rely on fundraising

Every entrepreneur will be well aware of the role that fundraising plays in a business. But, when trying to triple your income fast, you should not rely totally on the fundraising. It is because of the reason that it consumes a lot of time. You need to decide your target audience from whom you will take the money and also need to make a proper plan for that. Thus, in that time you would not be able to focus on other tasks. Undoubtedly, fundraising is crucial but it should be done up to a limit.

3. Engage with your audience

Online marketing is much prevalent nowadays and getting more followers on each of the social media networks is the main aim of every business. No doubt that a large number of audience results in the brand's popularity, but your main focus should be on retaining the existing followers rather than attracting the new ones when income is your main focus. So, what you need to do is engaging with your followers individually and ensuring satisfactory services to them.

4. Work in collaboration

When you start a new business then you don't get the chance to engage with the big brands. At this time, you need to know about the upcoming brands who are just starting out as your business. Then you should work to make money in collaboration. But, the main question is how to attract these brands to collaborate with you. Don't worry! Here are some simple steps:

- Work hard and be impressive. Put all your efforts to stand out.

- Know your strengths.

- Now, examine what the brands are looking for and tailor your pitch accordingly.

5. Keep an eye on your expenses

You will only be able to triple your income when you will start making profits and profits will only be made when you will evaluate and control your expenses. So, you need to keep an eye on your business expenses and cut out the unnecessary ones. The best way to control your expenses is setting up a budget.

6. Make smart hires

Most of the entrepreneurs look for the experts who have in-depth knowledge of the field. But, we would like you to think about hiring the newcomers who want to grow. Such employees will be happy to work in the way you want and will not deny working extra hours. When an employee will understand your needs and will work accordingly, then you will also feel comfortable in giving him the responsibilities. This will free up your time to focus on the other money strategies.

Though there are a number of ways that would let you increase your income, but you cannot focus on all of them at the same time. So, it would be better to choose the bests of those ways and keep your focus on them. And the above-given ways are the ones you can rely on for realizing your dream of tripling the income in just six months.

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This article is guided by Andrey Sokurec,a business owner at Homestead Road, A leading house buyer in Minneapolis, MN.