AI-powered Personal Knowledge Base Startup Synth Raises Funding From Y Combinator

The app captures all the relevant information you consume - text, audio, video in one click and makes it easy to search and retrieve the information you want and use it anywhere

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Silicon Valley-based startup accelerator Y Combinator on Tuesday announced to have invested $125,000 in Synth AI Labs Inc., an AI startup for knowledge workers as part of the Y Combinator's Summer "21 batch.

Synth is an app that captures all the relevant information you consume - text, audio, video in one click and makes it easy to search and retrieve the information you want and use it anywhere.

Knowledge workers are consuming huge amounts of information from different sources that are unique to each of them but where is that right piece of information relevant to them, when they need it? It is often buried deep within the folders and files across different applications. Hence, Synth felt the need to build a second brain (personal knowledge base), that is just one click away where you not only just capture information but harness the power of deep learning-based language models to deliver you the right information.

In order to build the second brain (personal knowledge base), Synth has begun by capturing and retrieving audio information from any source (Zoom, Gmeet, YouTube, etc.) as text in just one click. The company will use the funds towards expanding the team and refining the product for its users. Synth is also actively hiring deep learning engineers and full-stack developers.

"We are solving a problem which we have been personally frustrated with for the past few years. The existing apps put all the burden on us to capture and organize information and ultimately making it hard to retrieve the right information and ultimately leading us to shift to a new app," shared Suneel Matham, Urvin Soneta, and Vaibhav Saxena, co-founders, Synth, while commenting on being part of the Y Combinator's batch of 21.

With Synth still being in its beta stage, the company is iterating with users who not just consume huge amounts of information but also create something meaningful from that captured information. In addition to this, Synth is also providing its early users AI-generated summary and suggested notes in real-time allowing them to recall meetings, videos, podcasts, interviews, and lectures without having to go through long transcripts or recording them. This further helps the users in quick discoverability and understandability of the information they consumed in a quick manner.

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