Home Fitness And Wellness Startup Portl Raises Seed Funding From Kalaari Capital

The funds raised will be utilized to grow the team across hardware, engineering, and AI domains and expand the sales and marketing efforts for the Portl range of products in India

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Home fitness and wellness startup Portl on Monday announced to have raised an undisclosed amount in its Seed round of funding from Kalaari Capital.


Portl is a fully integrated, multi-functional, smart fitness and health system. The company has developed two revolutionary products built using the proprietary Portl Smart Mirror platform that provides a wide range of personalized workouts, nutrition and mental wellness programmes.

The funds raised will be utilized to grow the team across hardware, engineering and AI domains and expand the sales and marketing efforts for the Portl range of products in India.

"Our aim is to ultimately deliver simplicity and convenience for consumers by creating tangible, long-lasting value through the products we design. At Portl, we are reimagining the way people will access, manage and control their overall health. In many ways, the hardware and software that we are building will empower people to take charge of their own health and fitness, while we provide personalized and holistic services to support their efforts," said Indraneel Gupta, co-founder and chief executive officer, Portl.

The products have been engineered with the philosophy of empowering people to manage and improve their overall health. With a focus on holistic health improvement, Portl products come equipped with cutting-edge bio-sensors that monitor a wide range of health metrics at home including ECG, blood pressure, blood glucose etc., and form the basis for a highly personalized wellness programme.

"We at Kalaari strongly believe that Portl has the ability to shape the way customers manage fitness and well-being at home. Overall, the product will help customers adhere to workout routines, improve access to world-class fitness content, and help personalize each user experience. They also have the ability to go beyond fitness capabilities using hardware interface, computer vision, and audio functionality to deliver telehealth solutions. The device can tap into user data to deliver a wide range of digital healthcare solutions," added Vamshi Reddy, partner, Kalaari Capital.

There is a significant gap in the market when it comes to home fitness and wellness. From a consumer perspective, traditional fitness equipment is expensive, occupies a lot of space and usually requires multiple machines for a full-body workout. Moreover, consumers also require constant guidance and time-flexible fitness programmes, which aren't addressed by the one-size-fits-all approach that is prevalent in most virtual fitness services.

Portl solves these issues by focusing on the consumers' needs at the micro-level. Portl's unique space-saving design, coupled with advanced sensors, AI-enabled form tracking and personalization provides a unique on-demand solution for every consumer as well as holistic health improvement for the entire household, and not just for the fitness enthusiasts.