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Terra Invest takes an innovative approach to bringing policy and investing together This week marks a significant milestone for Terra Invest, an innovative investment firm that has officially launched operations in both the City of London and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

By Ramsy Swamy

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Ankiti Bose, founding partner at Terra Invest

This week marks a significant milestone for Terra Invest, an innovative investment firm that has officially launched operations in both the City of London and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This launch is particularly noteworthy as it heralds the return of Ankiti Bose, who has demonstrated remarkable resilience in overcoming past challenges to re-enter the global investment arena.

Ankiti Bose, originally from Mumbai and previously the founder and CEO of the Singapore-based e-commerce platform Zilingo, is now a founding partner at Terra Invest. Her journey has been one of dramatic highs and lows. Under her leadership, Zilingo reached a near-billion-dollar valuation by 2019, transforming Southeast Asia's e-commerce landscape and empowering small-scale merchants. Bose was widely celebrated for extending her vision to B2B services and supply chain innovations, with a particular focus on women's empowerment in the fashion industry.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought significant challenges. Internal disputes and economic pressures led to the rapid decline of Zilingo, culminating in a distress sale in 2023. Amid allegations of harassment and wrongful termination, Bose was removed from her CEO position, and her achievements were overshadowed by negative media coverage. Determined to defend herself, Bose took extensive legal actions.

Far from being defeated, Bose showed extraordinary resilience. She gathered substantial evidence to clear her name and secured notable legal victories against various media outlets and prominent venture investor Mahesh Murthy. Additionally, she obtained a stay order from a Delhi court to prevent further negative press. Her legal battles against defamatory publications and former colleagues highlighted her unwavering commitment to restoring her reputation.

Now, Bose is leading Terra Invest, which combines policy and regulatory expertise with financial savvy to address global challenges such as clean energy demand, AI-driven financial services solutions, and healthcare distribution. Supported by family offices and funds from Asia, Terra Invest brings together veterans from finance and public policy to drive rapid growth and positive global impact.

Terra Invest's focus areas align with the burgeoning fields of AI, blockchain, and health & life sciences, particularly in the UK, broader European, and UAE markets, which emphasize innovative, scalable technology solutions. By targeting these regions, Terra Invest leverages established tech hubs, emerging economies, and the growing need for solutions to global challenges.

Adopting a transaction-based investment model, Terra Invest has already closed deals worth USD 230 million and aims to expand its assets under management to USD 2.5 billion by 2025. This ambitious target reflects the firm's and Bose's vision of achieving significant financial and social impact.

Bose's return has attracted support from notable global figures. Ambassador Kirk Wagar, her partner at Terra Invest, is a well-connected Democrat who has advised companies like Binance, TikTok, and Tesla. Krishan Rattan, Partner at Terra, is a seasoned financial services entrepreneur and former MD of Societe Generale, leads a prominent energy and financial services business in the Middle East and Asia.

Insiders describe Bose's carefully orchestrated comeback as the result of a dedicated team's efforts, including media experts, parliament members, and business leaders. Despite skepticism from some former investors, Bose's return showcases her resilience and strategic vision. As she leads Terra Invest, the industry is watching closely, eager to see her next moves.

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