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Affordplan: The healthcare-focused financier Launched in 2016, the Gurugram-based Affordplan aims to use creative finance solutions to make healthcare affordable for millions of people.

By Minakshi Sangwan

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Aditya Sharma, Founder and CEO, Affordplan

Fintech's entry into the financing of healthcare is especially significant. For individuals struggling with high medical bills, platforms that provide flexible payment plans and health loans are not only lifelines but also invaluable financial instruments. Through the appropriate management of expenses, fintech solutions are facilitating the removal of obstacles to care and guaranteeing that financial limitations do not prevent patients from accessing essential therapies.

Health-related issues are becoming more prevalent at a rapid pace, and Gurugram-based Affordplan is committed to closing this gap by using financial technology to provide consumers with affordable healthcare.

Launched in 2016, the goal of Affordplan is to use creative finance solutions to make healthcare affordable for millions of people. "Affordplan is well placed at the intersection of healthcare and fintech, providing solutions for both caregivers and seekers," says Aditya Sharma, Founder and CEO of Affordplan.

The startup believes that planning for medical expenses is no longer limited to taking out insurance or medical loans; it's a systematic pursuit.

Aditya shares, "Affordplan runs a B2B2C model where we partner with hospitals across India and provide both digital and physical presence inside a hospital to create a bespoke loyalty program for the hospital patients to improve retention and per patient realisation for the hospital."

"Patients get benefits to the tune of 10% to 15% on each medical bill using Affordplan services, which makes this a win-win for both our clientele," he further adds.

According to the firm, it has provided services to over 500,000 people and worked with over 150 hospitals in 30 cities. The company's most recent innovation, called Swasth, is a platform for healthcare savings that can be used across lab, IPD, OPD, and pharmacy services.

Aditya highlights, "We have use cases that are both web-based and application-based, where clients are onboarded and transacted through the app, and hospital partners receive a SaaS dashboard for real-time updates. Banks and insurance providers also integrate with us to give clients a smooth experience."

In Aditya's opinion, no other competitor is providing the business in a comparable shape or form. "We are aware that as the company grows, newer fintech companies may attempt to copy our success and operate under a similar model, but we want to stay ahead of the curve by constantly improving our business procedures and technology," he states.

With successful fundraising towards the end of the year, Affordplan claims that it is well poised to accelerate growth and scale up the business in the coming financial year.

"We are looking to drive more business from our existing geographies and expand into new territories in concentric circles. We have multiple products ready for GTM," continues Aditya.


  • Amount of funding received - USD 15 million
  • Year of inception - 2016
  • Number of employees - ~250
  • No. of app downloads - 4 Lakh +
  • Current Turnover - INR 200 crore
Minakshi Sangwan

Junior Writer

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