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This Decentralised System Transforms Educational Institutions Payments EdgeCoin, a stellar-based blockchain payment system, founded by entrepreneurs Luke Arliss and Armon Rabiee, brings an educational stable coin to reduce education payment fees and increase the bargain power of consumers

By Julian Lim

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Blockchain is the central controlling technology on which cryptocurrency systems are hosted on. Cryptocurrency is the central processing unit (CPU) to digital computer systems. The blockchain technology has impacted the finance and commerce world, also contributing subtly via its blueprint, to the revitalization and improvement of cyber security.

EdgeCoin technology has so much potential. It has impacted greatly on how financial transactions are performed and also aids in the decentralization of finance. However, one of the most significant impacts of EdgeCoin technology on education is the reduction in payment rates due to the absence of third-party agencies. EdgeCoinPay technology systems disallow the need for third-party agencies in transactions, eliminating payments of commission or bank rates. These transactions are encouraging reduced education payment fees, and increases the bargain power of consumers. One of the leading parties benefiting from this system is students.

Since its announcement in 2008 and eventual introduction in 2009, blockchain has successfully become the major hive for investors seeking to expand into cryptocurrency. One would expect that with the popularity and use of cryptocurrency, it has the full potential of blockchain that would have been established. However this is far from it.

The shortcomings of existing digital currencies, Bitcoin inclusive, is its limitations in the educational sector, where stable digital token is required for use by personnel working or participating in the education system.

However a team managed by L.A Investment Ltd and supported by Girish Chandra`s University group, have studied the weakness in the current system. They have now successfully programmed a new Stable Coin which is aimed at filling the open spaces previously left in the relationship between cryptocurrency and payments in the Education ecosystem.

This new digital currency is called "EdgeCoin".

In the words of the team Luke Arliss and Armon Rabiee get credited for the creation of the revolutionary for the Stable Coin currency,

EdgeCoin eulogises the Blockchain technology saying: "We have literally just scratched the surface, Blockchain technology is well and truly becoming recognised as one of the most significant technologies of our time just as the internet was some 20 years ago. It will fundamentally change the world as we know it".

EdgeCoin's founders, Luke Arliss and Armon Rabiee have been actively involved in blockchain technology and the crypto space for several years now and since 2015 they have used their skills and experiences to expertly use quantitative algorithmic trading methods to reduce risks and maximise returns in this sector.

Luke Arliss has now taken his first passion for blockchain technology and his understanding of cryptocurrency and hopes to fundamentally change the way that his second passion, education, operates and evolves.

Luke Arliss and Armon Rabiee conceived the idea of Edgecoin some years ago on the realization of the difficulties that not only students, parents but also universities had in delivering and providing that most precious asset, Education. Now with his vast experience and career expertise along with his co-founders and professional alliances a long and much needed solution has been brought exclusively to the world.

EdgeCoin provides an open payment system for educational institutions where people or organisations can process education based bills or transactions like enrolment or tuition fees, book purchase, accommodation and several others, through a decentralised application programmed to communicate with individual systems of educational institutions.

EdgeCoin's system is programmed to guarantee total transparency, security and efficiency of the education payment system. The system is powered by the Stellar blockchain technology. By purchasing EdgeCoin we have a solution to grant a dividend of Air Coin.

Which is a fluctuating digital currency which allows the consumer to earn an income whilst holding EdgeCoin.

Adopting decentralised applications (DApps) built on the stellar blockchain chain would enable educational institutions to receive payments faster and more efficiently.

The elimination of third-party agencies in DApps transactions helps to foster more effective and reliable transactions, with little or no fees.

"We needed a token that could be fully functional, a vital component to benefit students,universities and the community at large, with all the technology of the past century the world has become a smaller place, in fact I see it as a global village, with no borders and nothing that should suppress knowledge and the advancement of our fellow human being.

Our goal was to create something that gave the greatest amount of benefit to our community members, to provide more value for their hard-earned money, utilise their time better and more productively and most importantly to accomplish this in a 100% absolute secure way. To provide a stress-free solution to the exciting and sometimes uncertain times that we live in. As our community grows so will our ability to provide more resources and benefits for everyone involved and the global community at large", said Luke Arliss.

The EdgeCoin token has been created in order to speed up decentralisation and to reduce costs. This is a refreshing and innovative way to break the chains of the cumbersome restraints which are imposed by institutional bodies and corporations. EdgeCoin has been an endeavour born through hard work and driven by passion.

It takes full advantage of the education infrastructure, stability and regulations of traditional financial regulations and systems. These are just some of the advantages and goals that EdgeCoin will bring to its users, with many other advantages and privileges in the pipeline.

"The future is now, and as pen is to paper, Edgecoin will be to education'', added Luke Arliss.

Julian Lim

Tech entrepreneur, researcher and editor at Startup Fortune

Julian Lim is a technology entrepreneur and researcher. Julian has graduated from NUS in intelligent systems and started his career pursuing data analytics and research. He’s also an editor and senior writer at Startup Fortune, covering technology, startups, AI, blockchain and entrepreneurship.

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