Why a Luxury Home is a Better Investment?

Upgrading your lifestyle, and allocating spaces is a customizable option in spacious homes, one that doesn't require going on a house hunt every five years

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India's booming corporate culture stands as a nascent market for luxury homes. The startup boom and high migration influx are just some of the factors contributing to the rise in sales. A good lifestyle and a comfortable residence is a necessity for working people, taking into consideration the huge influx of migrants and HNIs into the city, to satisfy their expectations of living in grandiosity. The demarcation between what constitutes luxury and necessity has become blurry in recent times owing to the increasing number of HNI's in the city.

The luxury housing segment is an emerging market and is seeing a myriad transformation in terms of what buyers look for.

Luxury homes are on their way to becoming the arch-rival for gold nowadays. Although not a conventional choice, investing in real estate, considering the timing, is a great profitable investment for end-user buyers. The emergence of disruptive policies this past year have cemented buyers' trust in real estate as a viable investment choice. Given the fact that luxury homes are always in demand even on the secondary market, HNIs correctly see them as the perfect investment opportunity that guarantees multiplied returns in the future.

While the investment is often considered a splurge, in recent times, luxury homes have proven to be a practical investment that issues better returns in the long term.

With this thought, one can start looking for a luxury house that enables a lavish lifestyle induced with safety and ease of living. Developers tend to incorporate certain features that make luxury living a financially feasible investment. Some of them are as follows:

An Elite Domicile

Having an easily accessible address in the heart of the city comes with a price. But considering the quick commute and ease of living, the investment is poised to save valuable time that can benefit residents with hectic schedules.

Opulent Amenities

Investing in a luxury home comes with a package of amenities. In house gymnasiums, rooftop pools and many other recreational spaces will prove to be bountiful in terms of returns for families residing in these homes.

Hi Tech Systems

Safety is the name of the game. It also helps that current hi-tech systems incorporated into smart homes are also aesthetically pleasing, convenient, entertaining and keep homebuyer's minds away from worrying about the safety of their elite lifestyles.

Palatial Residences

Palatial rooms, tall ceilings, wide balconies that spread out into the city's cinematic landscape, are just some things that don't spell out living in mediocrity. While some may argue that these features can be overlooked in terms of practical living, an end-user will view this investment as a practical choice. In investing in luxury home with ample space, one possesses the privilege of investing in a home that can accommodate not just the present, but also the distant future. An expanding family won't be a turbulent choice, unlike with the case of an average middle-class family and an affordable home. Upgrading your lifestyle, and allocating spaces is a customizable option in spacious homes, one that doesn't require going on a house hunt every five years.

Integrated Township

When talking about luxury, contrary to popular opinion, there are practical choices that can be worth more than the investment itself. Investing in luxury townships are a profitable choice as opposed to individual residences as residents can interact with like-minded neighbours of comparable social and economic status, highly adequate facilities that will be subject to constant care, in-project schools, supermarkets, pharmacies, and other amenities that will be availed at a unit level price.

This helps save a lot of money on other financially heavy decisions one has to make in the city, making it a much more profitable option.

Mental and Physical Well Being

Psychological well-being is correlated with better physical health, both aspects of life are equally important for positive and healthy living. Developers are focusing on buyers well begin and an integrated township, greater amenities and social culture helps the residents to maintain their mental and physical health. The cultural meetings, celebrations and good social relations are some ways to spread positivity in the environment. All the luxurious township has their own kind of activities and fun clubs to make people more social and cooperative.

The value of any other commodity decline by time, but the real estate is the only sector which generates profitable income even if the market is down. There is no better way to manage one's finances than to invest, and the time is ripe for making an investment in luxury real estate, a sector that is steadily moving in an upward trajectory in the country.


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B. S. Nesara's broad outlook and international perspective comes from experience garnered through spending time in different countries. He has a Master's Degree in International Finance from the University of Leeds, UK, and also has a degree from a Management Programme for Entrepreneurs and Family Business from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Nesara brings with him the exposure and talent needed to see things in a new light. He also takes a keen interest in Project Planning and in strategizing on key areas in which the business can be developed. Ever since he joined the Group, there has also been a strong never-say-die attitude and with it, fresh infusion of ideas and work ethic that's fuelling the Group's expansion plans. He looks at innovation in real estate in product design, technology and amenities to upgrade people’s lifestyle. 

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