4 Alternative Ways to Find Leads in 2017

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Leads generation evinces a lot of literature. Any kind of businesses survives and thrives on their ability to generate new leads with an aim to turn those leads into qualifying prospects.


2017 is around the corner. Sales and marketing teams are gearing up their strategies for the new calendar year. A Marketo study reveals that 61% of marketers have trouble sourcing high-quality leads.

Let's explore some methods to find profitable leads in 2017.

#1 Appointment Setting

Appointment setting services is a core ability fraction in the lead generation ecosystem. In this parlance, a business outsources their B2B lead generation efforts to an appointment setting provider whose role is to bring business to the clients by selling their products are services.

Such sales funnel is developed by experienced sales people; they understand the nuances of business jargon, are better prospectors, and possess excellent communication skills to turn leads into better prospects. Choosing an appointment setting firm should be predicated on the service provider's background, skills, and experience.

In other words, you would do well to outsource lead generation aspect of the business to an appointment setting provider, convert the leads into prospects and generate business. Save loads of money in leads prospecting along the way.

#2 User-Generated Content

Focus on the consumers. Content marketing is highly recommended for online marketing and businesses are usually at a loss to create meaningful, engaging content. Turn the tables and focus solely on the buyer / consumer.

Take the example of Coca Cola. The company reports a 2% increase in sales in the United States after a campaign encouraged Coke buyers to share images of their coke bottle on popular social media platforms. Each of these Coke bottles was printed with the name of the customer! It's a perfect example of blending content marketing and personal branding.

Talk to your consumers and buyers and find out more about their preferences. Give them a good enough incentive to share their experiences with your business products or services on visible platforms. Turn it into a written blog post, an infographic, a video – the options are endless.

#3 Behavioural Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is the act of sharing "sales and marketing method for ranking leads in order to determine their sales readiness"

Pick up popular CRM platforms like HubSpot Sales and Agile CRM. They have in-built lead scoring technology to help a business prospect the "sales readiness". Understand the system with a clear score scale and lead scoring criteria. Use a reliable lead scoring system and decide the parameters terming a lead as "qualified". It's all about tracking the behavioural patterns of a prospect, which culminates into the nurturing part.

If you have hundred leads right now, not all will display sales readiness. Businesses lose clients when they don't understand whom to contact and when – understand the behaviour and intent of the prospect. A detailed study of why behaviour matters can be seen here.

#4 Optimise Website Content

Even during the times of responsive and interactive website development, it's not surprising to come across static business websites that doesn't serve any other purpose than to sit idle for a few people to erroneously land on the pages and leave. A website is a powerful tool to generate and convert leads.

First, convert the website from static to dynamic. WordPress and Joomla platforms come recommended.

Second, install and integrate an internal lead capturing system using tools like Pure Chat and LeadPages. While the first tool is an affordable 24x7 live Support system for business teams, the second one helps to create elaborate and sleek landing pages to capture leads.

With strategic technology implementation, it's easy to convert 7%-14% of website visitors. The business website should be devoid of clutter and irrelevant content. Use gated content platforms.


With an increase in the online presence of business, there is an ever expanding market out there and it is indeed possible to leverage that using strategically astute lead generation systems.