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Five Unbeatable Tips for New Start-ups to Build a Strong User-base In the fledgling stage, one of the key worries of a start-up is to build a strong user-base

By Chander Verma

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To ensure that a startup doesn't miss a single customer is a challenge. The competitive start-up industry involves identifying the users, making them understand and appreciate the value of the products or services, engaging them with the offerings and finally retaining those users. So, in a way, the innovative start-up owners are looking at the entire consumer lifecycle which begins with consumer acquisition and ends with consumer retention.

In the fledgling stage, one of the key worries of a start-up is to build a strong user-base. So, how to build such a robust clientele? Here are five ways which one can explore to develop a robust user-base.

1. Develop Differentiated and Value-added Product:

"Product is the king" is the new marketing mantra. If you want to attract consumers, you should focus on delivering products with a difference capable of adding value to the users' personal and professional life. One should try to come up with 10 times better than the products available in the market. The urge to launch good products actually led to the birth of brands like Apple, Amazon, or our very own Amul. However, the moral of the story is that the market should appreciate the value of your product and the revenue model has to be sustainable. Your gathered market insight should ascertain the demand for your product in the market in advance.

2. Leverage Technology: User experience has become a decisive factor in determining the viability and profitability of a business and Technology helps businesses. The success of app-based cab services or online hospitality services has repeatedly proved the fact. Latest technological innovations like blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), etc. are all set to change the business dynamics as well as revolutionize user experience altogether. So, new start-ups across sectors can look at leveraging those latest technological developments to offer superior user experience.

3. Bring Back the Magic of Word of Mouth: Although the oldest, the most effective of word-of-mouth promotion is irrefutable. However, this proven marketing technique is highly underrated in this era of digital marketing. So, to build a truly loyal customer base, the start-ups should look at this promotional option more seriously. In this era of social media and digital media, the word-of-mouth promotion has acquired a new form and expression as well and has become more influential. So, start-ups can devise a fresh strategy to make the most of this empowered marketing tool.

4. Crack the Campus-code with Campus Ambassador Programme:

Every start-up requires a steady supply of the quality human resource. And good campus connect programme helps startups reach out to the vibrant, energetic student communities that can add momentum to their business. If strategized properly, such programme can offer you quick results and recognition for your business in the student communities. A carefully-conceived Campus Ambassador Programme is one such initiative where you hire students with outgoing personality by offering them pre-placement offers. Brands like Red Bull, Google and Microsoft have been using this strategy to gain superior visibility. For consumer-focused startups, Campus Ambassador Programme could prove extremely useful.

5. Introduce Viral' Factor: Start-ups with developing consumer-base can look at integrating the viral factor in their marketing matrix. The viral factor allows users to make their friends join the network. According to various estimates, referrals make 50% of the purchase decisions. So, it's crucial to create some influencers who can multiply their power to influence others. The viral factor will surely help start-ups develop strong user-base at a rapid pace.

Chander Verma

Founder and CEO,

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