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#8 Mindset Changes You Need To Develop To Become Successful So what kind of mindset should you nurture that will lead to your success?

By Justas Markus

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Why are some people successful while some are stuck and remain unfulfilled with their lives? Is it because the successful are more talented? Do they have more appetite for risk? Or are they more skillful with networking?

Although these factors play a part in the success of some people, the fundamental difference between the successful and the mediocre is their mindset. So what kind of mindset should you nurture that will lead to your success?

1. You're never too young nor too old

Success comes differently to different people. Some might get successful at an early age while some might acquire it when they are much older. When you limit your idea of success to your age, you have the first ingredient of failure. Never say "I'm too young to achieve this" or "I'm too old to desire success."

Success begins in your mind no matter what your age is. If you think you can do it, then you can do it. It might sound so cliché but "it's all in mind." When you begin to think of yourself as successful, your whole being will work together with your mind to propel you to success no matter how difficult the task is. Moreover, people will gravitate to you when they see how hard you work to get that success.

2. Always invest in yourself

The best and wisest investment you can make is in yourself and your future. Investment here is not limited to the financial aspect of your life but also on the mental, emotional, physical, and psychological aspects. This means taking the time to develop the skills you have as well as learning new ones. Learning should never stop but should always be a priority.

Investment also means rewarding yourself for every achievement and hard work you have. Why? Because it keeps you from getting burned out. However, be purposeful of your splurges - choose luxuries that will enhance your life and create memorable experiences for yourself.

3. Don't sweat the small stuff

Focusing too much on the things that do not require your attention can affect your productivity. No matter how high your mental stamina is, it has its limitations. When those limitations are used up, it could lead to burnout, which can affect your performance and your well-being.

So instead of sweating the small stuff, plan your day and your actions so that simple tasks can be done automatically. For example, you don't have to spend too much energy what you'll wear to work today or what you're going to eat for dinner tonight. Plan it ahead and stick to it. Conserve your energy to the most important decisions that need your attention.

4. Train your mind to stay focused

The difference between those who are successful and those who are mediocre is the ability of the former to be productive for longer stretches of time when the most important work needs to be completed. During this time, focus is very important; thus, you need to intentionally develop it. Failure to develop your mental stamina makes you disqualified to compete with those who developed their endurance.

Develop your skills much faster by being mindful of all the distractions that make your mind wander. To recognize these distractions, take the time to evaluate your day every night and always seek opportunities to improve yourself.

5. Write down your goals and read them every day

Never underestimate the power of goal setting because it can accelerate your success. When you haven't written your goals - both short and long-term - yet, start now. Once you write it, place it where you can see it everyday first thing in the morning. As you read this, ask yourself how you can fast track your five-year goal in just one year or two years.

Here's another secret about goal-setting: don't choose a slower timeline in achieving your goal but diligently choose an optimal path that pushes you to your limit. In addition to that, be consistent in working on towards your goal.

6. Plan, plan, plan

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. You might have heard this many times but how much have you given careful thought to its wisdom? Writing your goals alone is not enough. Having a plan how you'll achieve it and setting those plans into motion is what leads you to success. When planning, also find ways how you can make the process of achieving your goal much faster and more efficient.

The simplest way to put your plan into action is to make a multi-step campaign or an organizational system that improves the efficiency of repetitive tasks.

7. Anticipate failure

As you work your way towards success, stay grounded in the reality that some of your plans and methods might fail or that you might commit mistakes along the way. When this happens, it's okay to feel bad about it, but you should not stay longer in that emotion. Just give yourself a whole 24 hours to wallow in that failure but after a day, stop the mourning to get back to work and get your hands dirty again.

In a study conducted by the University of California and Duke University, 549 of the most successful entrepreneurs and company founders said that they owe their success from learning from their mistakes. In fact, it is very rare for someone to become successful with just their first try. Ask Thomas Edison about it.

8. Don't doubt

When you begin your journey towards success, you have to be entirely convinced that you can achieve success. If you want it, no one can stop you from achieving what you want. In the same way, no one will do it for you. If you look at those who failed and succeeded, those who failed had all the excuses they can think of not to do anything. On the other hand, those who succeeded had exhausted all the methods they could think of to reach their success. Once you convince yourself that you can do anything when you put your mind to it, that's the time you begin to walk the path of greatness.

Lastly, you have to keep in mind that the path to success is not easy. You have to get out of your comfort zone and earn it every day for the rest of your life.

Justas Markus

Marketer, Blogger & Entrepreneur.

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