Outsourcing in the field of Education Clearly, a larger, integrated vision, which goes beyond academic excellence, can help nurture our youngsters into fulfilled, well-rounded individuals

By Saiju Aravind

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"Do what you do best and outsource the rest", a business tagline first coined and developed in the 1990s by the renown management expert and consultant, Peter Drucker inspired a whole new way of doing business, leading industries, companies, art and educational institutions, and even governments to adopt outsourcing as a way of meeting evolving requirements. A widespread practice the world over now, this business strategy suggests that companies should take advantage of a specialist provider's knowledge or scale to improve performance. Predictably, outsourcing has made its advantages quite evident through the win-win situation it paves for all the stakeholders, helping firms to perform well in their core competencies, fuel innovation, and mitigate a shortage of skill or expertise in certain areas. In India, the former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was quick to recognize the need for Technology Partners and acknowledged the vital role that domain experts play in every field. Thus it is that ISRO outsourced the fabricating of two satellites to a private multi-crore company, saying they needed help to meet the gap between requirement and capacity. Outsourcing fabrication would enable faster production as well as give room to ISRO to concentrate on research and execution.

Schools are now opening up to the advantages of outsourcing for the same reason. While teachers concentrate on their core competency – teaching, various domain experts provide the latest research, tools, skills that go to enhance the academic as well as skill development of the students. Outsourcing brings a whiff of fresh energy from the outside, expanding the horizons of potential within each learner. Enhancing Students' performance, Revenues and Reputation for the School.

Some areas where industry experts can assist schools to scale new heights are;

Technology/ ICT Supported Learning

While there are a plethora of educational websites, schools could do well to avail of e-learning platforms that are customized to the needs of their particular student population. Providing a guided learning through structured, curated and carefully designed e-learning platforms can make education a joyful adventure for learners. Supported with the latest tools of assessment, lesson plans, tests, teachers could use their time in the classroom to give the most valuable input which they alone are equipped to give: a teacher-learner bond nurtured through individual and personal guidance

Specialized Learning Like STEM and Robotics

Schools have the funding, and sometimes even the Labs and Kits to teach STEM. Where they fall short is in the expertise to teach the Subject, without realizing that this is the most important aspect!" Crunching the Figures

Data Analytics and Triangulation of past data provide accurate means to measure progress and attainment of students. Schools can have their own performance audited through an outside agency, which is skilled in applying these analytic tools. In fact, regulators such as the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai have laid down strict norms that a School must meet, before they are allowed to raise fees, commence higher classes, etc. The Indian government is introducing report cards for teachers and other assessment parameters for ranking schools. It has become imperative to have specialized data experts who can help the schools to use these tools for upgrading their performance and ranking.

Tuning the Body and The Soul

Outsourcing extra-curricular activities can help bring in field experts to train students. There are several sports agencies who are now offering expert coaching in a variety of sports as well as a structured program in physical education that is more scientific and update with the latest approach to health and physical growth parameters.

A Community Brings Up a Child

The outsourcing needs of every school are finally dependant on its vision and mission. Clearly, a larger, integrated vision, which goes beyond academic excellence, can help nurture our youngsters into fulfilled, well-rounded individuals. The time has come for outsourcing partners to be seen as members of a larger family, working towards a shared vision.

Saiju Aravind

Founder & MD - EduBrisk Knowledge

EduBrisk is an integrated and personalised teaching and learning tool founded by IIT-ian and former Senior Scientist, DRDO and Naval Architect, Mr. Saiju Aravind, with a vision to disrupt the teaching-learning process for the K-12 segment. The EduBrisk Methodology is holistic, in that it includes Teachers and Parents as well.

Lending practical solutions to its Founder’s core belief of the need to understand how to learn before imparting and gaining knowledge, EduBrisk functions on its unique brand purpose of ‘Learning to Learn’, ‘Learning to Teach Inclusively’ and ‘Learning to Mentor’, targeted for Students, Teachers, and Parents, respectively.

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