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Women Entrepreneurs Can Create Better and Successful Brands Entrepreneurship is not about ideas, it is about making ideas happen- Scott Belsky

By Moonmoon Bhagchandka

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The word "entrepreneur' is derived from the French word "entreprenerd' which means "to undertake. Anyone who undertakes the responsibility of running a business venture, giving it time, value and money are regarded as a successful entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is an attempt to create value through recognition of business opportunity. It is a milestone defining the opportunity for who so ever chooses this path- be it a male or female. Entrepreneurship clearly defies the laws of gender and has got much more to do with how and where one utilizes the opportunity instead of a gender-based label.

However, there has been the emergence of many studies and researches that were done specifically to find out the ultimate results on "who rules the business better" among men and women. As per the research conducted by Centre of Entrepreneurs- "Women entrepreneurs are more likely to work towards controlled, profitable growth with relatively little interest in merely positioning themselves for the lucrative exit."

And What The Data Says?

Women have the edge in terms of taking calculated risks if the research done by Centre of Entrepreneurship is to be believed which says 87 per cent of women see themselves as financial risk takers as compared to 73 per cent of men. Another finding by the same research institute says that 47 per cent of women are keen to start a new business within the next three years as compared to only 18 per cent of men. One major reason for these attributes can be that women had to break many barriers, shatter many pre-conceived notions before acquiring this position which they hold currently in the business world. This is why women tend to take home a lot of study and homework as compared to men.

It is a fact that more than 75 per cent of business is male-dominated worldwide but when it comes to more effective leadership, women dominate this chart as per a data analysis was done by The data analysis says that women have a larger appetite for growth and when all statistics are compared, women actually outperform their male counterparts.

Creation of Jobs

Another solid measure to analyse the success of a business is the rate of job creation. Female-owned firms are way ahead in terms of creating jobs and stimulating the economy when compared to male-owned firms. A longitudinal study conducted by Dow Jones Venture Source found that the firms having three to four female executives have a higher success rate compared to those having one or two female executives.

Not just by comparing various studies, if we go by the basic nature also, women have been multitasking all through their lives for the kind of society we live in. They have been managing the households and basic domestic chores without the blink of an eye, and ever since women took over the business world, they started excelling in that front too. This, in general, makes women more well-organized and delegated. Women are also blessed with a brilliant sense of nurturing relationships, higher emotional quotient, and a dash of empathy. So, the business relationships are built on understanding, trust, and compassion which are truly long lasting, one of the keys for business success.

The Bottom Line

Labelling women as better entrepreneurs in terms of creating better brands might be proven through certain researches and statistics however the word entrepreneur cannot be labelled with the gender tag. These statistics show a bright picture of female entrepreneurs and definitely bring out the true facts but the most governing factor in terms of being a successful an entrepreneur is not your gender alone, but how you grab the opportunity and make the most of it. Anyone who possesses the skillsets of initiating an idea with wider knowledge, and a willingness to take risks with adaptability and an optimistic outlook will make a successful entrepreneur, whatever the gender may be because, in the end, a better leader would be the one who not only ensures his/her own growth but also of the team and the brand. Women are doing a great job though!

Moonmoon Bhagchandka

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Nmami Life

Moonmoon Agarwal is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at Nmami Life and is part of the leadership team that defines the company's vision and strategy. She has done English Hons. from Delhi University and holds a Diploma in Applied Arts. 

Moonmoon's marketing and leadership experience have helped accelerate Nmami Life's transformation into a leading online wellness player. She is responsible for devising and implementing innovative marketing strategies that have gone a long way in making people aware about Nmami Life's value proposition. 

Moonmoon's deep understanding of social media, online & offline marketing and information technology helped her create a robust infrastructure, that straddles across the fields of marketing, brand initiatives, strategy, response lead management for the company. Her combination of business experience includes technology, online marketing and healthcare. 

Through Nmami Life, she wants to touch the lives of as many people as possible by guiding them and motivating them to embark a journey towards health and well-being. A life quote she swears by is- "What come easy won't last and what lasts won't come easy". As a self-driven and young entrepreneur she wants to spread the strong message of the power of being independent and following your own passion just how she did through Nmami Life.

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