An Employee Resigns: A Plight You Didn't See Coming!

Does your professional life seems completely messed up? Are you someone who thinks he or she needs a lot of work and a bit of luck? Fret not, because you are not alone somewhere at some point we all do!

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Now being a unique blend of risk-takers, mad scientists, hope addicts, inventors, and magician, we as an entrepreneur cannot afford to get into matters that do not concern us. Well, thanks to the universe, the next thing we get to know is we are trapped in the matter (like it or not). You are losing a key team member- for instance.


We all have gone through this when you all of a sudden receive that dreaded phone or email, the one from your prized team member stating" Time to bid farewell." Often times us as bosses in retrospect say we somehow knew this was coming even if things turn down as we had a sinking pit in our stomach, a feeling of being betrayed. This scenario is generally for those who own a big firm, whereas for small businesses, losing a key member can feel like the end of the world. So what they do is make a counteroffer which never works for the long run. There are times when what your valued employees are looking for next isn't something you as a business can offer.

Putting Yourself in Employees' Shoes

Most of the time, employers make a moment of panic or tend to retain employees by creating a counteroffer which never works well in the long run. That's mainly because, it's not always the money that drove your key employees to start looking for better opportunities; there are different factors such as the distressing feeling of being unchallenged by the work or not being well matched with a manager or the culture, and those won't change sooner or later. If simply put, feeling unchallenged by the work or not being well matched with a manager or the culture, and those won't change sooner or later. If simply put, dissatisfaction is likely to come back once the glow of the counteroffer wears off. So what to do when someone you've been investing in, mentoring, and coaching decides to fly the coop for greener pastures?

Growth is inevitable subject. Much like us, even our team members aim to branch out beyond what is available to them in their current role or company. Let's talk about certain pointers that emphasize on how to handle such a situation with grace and dignity. But before that, let's hold off on that for a second, and start somewhere else (which will eventually lead us to the answer).

First of all, it's Not the End of the World

Maya Angelou once noted that people never forget how you made them feel. The same has never been more real for employees Remember, hope never dies, and keep a leap of faith to figure it out. Life of your business goes on!

Second, Everyone is Replaceable

But if someone wants to leave, then you cannot force them to stay. It is not like that you'll find someone else who is exactly like the person you're losing, but soon you'll figure out how to get the job done. If we look at the positive side, you'll even figure out a better way to get the job done.

Third, Turn Into a Positive Note

Last but indeed not the least aspect to take into consideration is when an employee quits, you have the opportunity to make things better. Maybe you don't need to replace him; other team members can come together and take on the tasks he or she was fulfilling and do them better. In fact, you might think of outsourcing or hiring someone even more experienced and skilled.

Bridge the Gap: Here's What You Need to do

How to Gauge Their Interest in Staying?

First and foremost, never underestimate the importance of work, working hours, or the time off. There are a lot of reasons to hate a job: annoying co-workers, long working hours for too little pay, the never-ending stress level, lousy working conditions, and more. Now while running a business, you cannot always accurately calculate the odds, and what you can't measure, you can't manage. So in such situation; trust your instincts. If you believe that things aren't going well, then dig in deep what's wrong!

#1 Spend Quality Time With Employees- For this, you have HR teams at your service! What employees' on-the-job lives will be like if they spend some time with them? If you own a manufacturing firm, spend some extra hours on the factory floor each week. If you own a software development company, spend some quality time with testers as well as developers at regular intervals. Keep an eye on everyone, ask questions, and get involved. Figure out where difficulties arise and solve them ASAP.

#2 Ask for Relevant Inputs- Conduct employee surveys or focus groups, and look for opportunities for one-to-one discussions. Ask each of your employees what type of job offer would convince them to stay, and try replicating all the qualities that seem essential to them and not you. Make sure you do something that would make them likely to stay. Also, give them opportunities to respond to your questions anonymously.

#3 Get Social- How about providing opportunities for employees where they can share their challenges, small victories, and workplace wishes. For this, you can use any medium, whether it is a social site on the intranet, a Facebook group, or whatever works best for them. You can also plan an information-gathering standpoint; this will surely help you in gaining helpful intelligence regarding what your employees need and what's working well for them.

How to deal with those who have made their mind to leave?

1. Be Supportive- After you realize the fact that they have made up their mind, all you have to do is congratulate them on their new gig and new opportunity. They've worked hard to reach this point. Even if you

2. Thank Them- What if they decided to move on! You, as a businessperson, must recall all the things they've contributed to your company. Keep highlighting the qualities you admire in them, motivate them! Let them know how you enjoyed working with them and ask what they feel about your space.

3. Honour Their Ultimate Decision- Whatever the end result is, whether they wish to renege on the offer they'd taken or stay committed to leaving the company, it is your duty to honour their decision and assume what they did is the right path for them. Bit a great farewell, they deserve it!

In the End, Don't Be Hard on Yourself & Them

If somebody leaves you or does not want you to mentor him or her anymore. It doesn't mean you have done something wrong. Think it the other way round, you have succeeded in preparing them what's next coming, and are they ready for bigger and better opportunities. Credit yourself for this, because without you and your business it would be next to impossible for them. Also, consider factors stating how you can better support your existing team or how will you set the next person in this role up for success. And then, it's time to move on.