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Can a Mobile Chatbot Level Up Your Business? People value conversational and free-flowing communication. They want to get in touch, converse and get customer support instantaneously, with minimal delays

By Gaurav Singh

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Brands from different industries today use artificial intelligence (AI). Technology can be harnessed to cure any hiccups businesses go through. For example, many companies use mobile chatbots to deliver better customer support to their mobile app users.

People value conversational and free-flowing communication. They want to get in touch, converse and get customer support instantaneously, with minimal delays. In fact, 64 per cent of businesses believe that conversational AI chatbots will personalize support experiences for customers.

Why does your business need a mobile chatbot?

Conversational mobile chatbots are capable of tackling the majority of the queries. In fact, chatbots are on their way to resolve 75-90 per cent of support queries single-handedly by 2024. Here's why it's high time you invest in a mobile chatbot

Save massive support costs: Customer support, traditionally, is exhausting. This gets worse during peak hours when more agents are required to keep the pipeline unclogged. This helps live agents focus on the most important tickets, reducing your customer support costs significantly.

Quick help at your fingertips: In 2021, mobile phones account for more than 54 per cent of global Internet traffic. The number of people using the Internet to shop on their phones is steadily increasing. A mobile chatbot is a great way for customers to engage with the brand and receive resolutions in a few taps.

Boost engagement: A mobile chatbot can be trained to be responsive and understand natural human language. It can offer users relevant and valuable suggestions. Chatbots also make the conversation more life-like and interesting using humour, language and tone of voice.

Improve handling times and reduce waiting times: A Forrester report suggests that as many as 50 per cent of adults abandon their carts if they're not able to find answers to their questions quickly. High volumes at the call centre can prolong the wait time of customers, denting their satisfaction and leading to higher cart abandonment. Mobile chatbots can resolve tickets in a jiffy and minimize the average waiting time.

Which are advanced features that make a mobile chatbot stand out?

Cutting-edge NLP-powered engine: Mobile chatbots are equipped with AI and NLP, which enable them to understand the user's intent better and address their queries in free-flowing, natural conversational language, just like a human. Brands can address their customers more intuitively by knowing what they really want.

Share photos and videos: Mobile chatbots are equipped to identify a wide range of images and videos autonomously. Support personnel might require users to provide images or videos to identify tampered packaging and defective products. Chatbots are trained with large data sets of such media to allow them to automatically identify the content and give relevant suggestions.

SSL encryption because your users' privacy matters: Data privacy is a major concern for every brand. Your user data is sure to stay private and uncompromised with SSL-encrypted chatbots. Ensuring that you use an SSL-compliant chatbot can help you build trust among your customers so they never have to worry if their data is safe.

Direct, personalised conversations: AI helps empower natural conversations that it's nearly indistinguishable from talking to a human. Conversational AI mobile chatbots are constantly learning from each interaction to better the next with more relevant suggestions.

Always ready to help: It's no surprise that 51 per cent of customers today businesses to be functional around the clock. A mobile AI chatbot can help you connect with customers 24/7 even when your support team is offline.

Seamless transfer to support teams: Mobile chatbots prevent ticket overruns by ensuring only tickets that require more nuanced support are transferred to the live agents. It can automatically transfer tickets to the support team if it has a query that it cannot answer or if the customer chooses to speak with the support team. This can improve productivity and efficiency substantially.

Robust integration options: There's so much your chatbot can do! Make it your mascot or perhaps a face for your brand. You can integrate your chatbot with your marketing campaigns seamlessly. Push notifications are one great way to keep your customers in the loop about great offers!

In summary

Customers shop for virtually everything online today. From appliances to groceries, it's all available online. The problem with online shopping is that customers are left with a lot of questions since they can't touch or feel the product. Using a chatbot you can answer all of your customers' queries in an instant, always. The value of a chatbot lies in how well it can integrate into your brand, so choose wisely!

Gaurav Singh

Founder & CEO,

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