Gaurav Singh

Founder & CEO,



How Brands Can Future-proof Their Customer Support Strategy With Conversational AI

The clock starts ticking the moment a customer contacts a company for assistance. It will not stop until the customer has received a satisfactory response

Growth Strategies

Can a Mobile Chatbot Level Up Your Business?

People value conversational and free-flowing communication. They want to get in touch, converse and get customer support instantaneously, with minimal delays

News and Trends

Multilingual Support: Speak Your Customer's Language

Multilingual support comes with its benefits, such as accessing a wider market and building loyalty. Let's look at how companies can get closer to their customers by speaking their language


Conversational AI Vs Chatbots: What's the Difference?

Both chatbots and conversational AI chatbots focus on offering the customer better assistance and helping the business reduce the cost


AI-Driven Customer Retention Strategies For Banks

Banking customers are generally not satisfied with their service. A study by FIS found that only 23 per cent of customers are happy with their banking service


BFSI Turning To AI, Moving From SMS To Omnichannel Chatbots

AI is transforming every aspect of our lives and it's quite prominent in the banking industry. Today, with the help of omnichannel chatbots, customers enjoy seamless and personalized service across every touchpoint

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