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#50 Coolest Coworking Spaces Across India Co-working has now emerged to become an everlasting phenomenon which is just bound to grow further

By Punita Sabharwal

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From being a trend last year, co-working has now emerged to become an everlasting phenomenon which is just bound to grow further. To get you seated in the most hippest, vibrant and funkiest co-work space across the country, Entrepreneur showcases what they all have in store for you. Our pan-India list now second year in row ranks the coolest amongst them all. Read on to unbox yourself.

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Being the first coworking space of Indore, Adited seems more like a cultural hub than a business centre. With an aim to introduce informal ways of shared spaces in tier-II cities, Adited provides start-ups not just with an uber cool area but an ecosystem and network to help their brands grow. Adited says, it is built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs to create a revolution.


Location: Indore

Operational Since: August 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 7000

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 60+ Members and 18+ Companies

Current co-workers: 60+ Members

Rating 4/5

No. of Events hosted: 18

Monthly/weekly cost: Monthly Flexible Desk: Rs 4,500/- & Residential Package: Rs 6000/- Day Pass: Rs 300/-


Awfis is the only player in the industry to introduce just-in-time offering of seats through its mobile app. The current capacity stands at 30 centres with a total of 10,000 seats across eight cities with projected growth to 25K seats by March 2018 and 100K seats by 2019. Looking at the demand for such spaces, it is exploring entry into tier II markets. Awfis boasts of 7000+ members across 500 companies. It also offers its member exclusive membership of the Awfis Rewards Program which curates discounts, offers and deals from over 100+ partners.


Locations: Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai (coming soon)

Operational Since: 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): More than 1mn sq. feet No. of Events hosted: 241 events in 6 months

Cost: Daily rates start from INR400

Rating: 5/5

Artisans Lab

India's first co-working space that primarily focuses on providing an innovative platform to encourage artisans and designers. It has an inhouse digital marketing team helping the clients balance cost and service quality. Artisan Lab offers a flexible and customizable rent system specifically for small teams. They are also working on a mentoring program for freelancers,start-ups and it can also be attended by final year students.


Locations: Chennai, Mylapore

Operational Since: May 2017

Total area (in sq.ft.): 1,500

Cost: INR 6,500/month

Rating 3.5/5


Bhive regularly organises meetups with investors and renowned Venture Capital (VC) firms, including Blume Ventures, Kae Capital, Target Accelerator Program, SAIF Partners etc. Here, giants like PayTM, Narayana Hrudayalaya, OpenText and Neogrowth work with funded start-ups like Head Infotech, Capiot, Novire and Datalicious and many other freelancers work in same space. Each of the five centers have been designed keeping in mind the productivity of their members - from Steve Job greeting you at the entrance to a Zen garden to re-fuel your inner peace.


Locations: Bengaluru Operational Since: November 2014

Total area (in sq.ft.): More than 1,00,000

No. of Events hosted: More than 500

Cost: Prices vary based on location and product offering starting from Rs.5,000/- per desk to Rs.20,000/- per desk.

Rating: 5/5

Cowork Studio

Cowork Studio allows freelancers like bloggers, architects, fashion designers, financial traders and others to work in a professional environment. The space has tied up with several restaurants across Pune for discounted food deliveries and in talks with several local fitness centers to provide group discounts for the members as well. Working with two centers at 100 per cent capacity, they aim to finalize two more centers in 1-2 months.


Location: 2 centres in Pune

Operational Since: June 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): Vimannagar 2000 Sqft, Nal Stop: 1500 Sqft

No. of Events hosted: 8 Monthly/weekly cost: Rs 5,000/desk/month & weekly Rs 1,750/desk


Centre A

Known for their networking events, Centre A is one of the most famous co-working spaces in Kochi. It has tied up with various other co-working spaces in different cities to avail an entrepreneur-friendly environment. Centre A regularly arranges music fests, in-house events and parties, foosball competitions in order to make work more fun.


Location: Kochi

Operational Since: January 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): 30,000

Current co-workers: More than 250 No. of Events hosted: Five a year

Monthly/weekly cost: Between Rs 2500 - Rs 11000 per month

Rating: 3/5


With 14 centres across Bengaluru, Indiqube is poised to be one of the biggest co-working spaces with 1million sqft operational area by year end. However, the authorities claim that they go beyond providing a decent space and helps the start-ups connect with their partners for their needs in recruitment, finance & accounting, legal, digital media and PR. They have an in-house Miqube App, a powerful tool to control every aspect of one's business with a few clicks. Cashless food court, targeted food subsidies, valet parking management, employee transport, facilities management, reporting, booking events/ gym slots, networking, meeting rooms are facilitated in this space.


Location: Bangalore

Operational Since: Dec 2014

No. of Events hosted: Around 15 events

Rating: 5/5

Seating cost: Rs 6500 -13000

CoWork Delhi

From mentorship and networking events to IT/HR/Ad support and providing office space, CoworkDelhi is a one stop solution for almost everything that an early stage start-up requires to get started. Provider of super comfortable workstations with all the amenities required, this co working space aims to take care of their coworkers need for fun and excitement while contributing to their objective of succeeding.


Location: Delhi

Operational Since: March, 2017

Total area (in sq.ft.): 1800

Cost: Rs 4999 for part time membership and Rs 5999 for a full month.

Rating: 2.5/5

Collab Cowork

In order to have a mixed and vibrant co-working groups, Colab Cowork conducts a tough screening process for each of the membership application they receive, on the basis of the startup concept, the industry it operates in and the size of the team. As they want to portray the space as a start-up hub, Colab doesn't entertain requests from call centres or big cooperate teams. Moreover, they have also collaborated with some prime organisations for legal and accounting, merchandising and mentoring solutions.


Location: Lucknow

Operational Since: 2017

Total area (in sq.ft.): 870 Current co-workers: The number of seats occupied is 17 out of 19 total. Monthly/weekly cost: One Day Pass: Rs. 399 Monthly Cost: Rs. 3,999 Weekly Cost: Rs. 1499

Rating: 3/5

Delhi Co.

Delhi Co is one of the few co-working spaces which deals mostly in segregated team spaces, with 80 per cent of their inventory dedicated towards that. Having just turned three, they have a unique model at rock bottom prices, making them a hit with new businesses. Moreover, they do different sorts of business collaborations such as marketing, CA, law and technological. To encourage the members to maintain a work-life balance they close their doors at 9 pm. After which members can destress at their in-house caf?.


Location: Delhi

Operational Since: October, 2014

Total area (in sq.ft.): 5000

Current co-workers: Currently 100 members

No. of Events hosted: 25+ Monthly/weekly cost: Rs 5000/ Rs 1500

Rating: 3/5

Doers Alley

With an aim to balance recreation and work, Doers Alley provides a community library, arranges regular workshops (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Android Development - Growth Hack to Theatre), events (Start-up Fest, Poetry Slams, Unplugged Session, Standup Comedy sessions, Author Meetups, Live Kitchen and so on).


Location: Delhi and Gurugram

Operational Since: May, 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 5500

Cost- Rs 5000 per month

Rating: 3/5

Easy Daftar

Kolkata's first co-working venture, Easy Daftar covers all three primary business areas of the city, Salt Lake, Park Street and Rashbehari. The space provides several options which include shared desks, dedicated desks, 1-10 seater team cabins, conference and meeting room solutions as well as virtual office products. It is a highly value for money proposition with prices almost 30 per cent lesser than the industry average.


Locations: 3 centres in Kolkata

Operational Since: June 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 16000

Cost: Start from Rs 4500

Rating: 3/5


Recognizing the importance of having a happy workforce, EFC has incorporated this principle right from designing their work spaces. Once every fortnight, they organize an event for the employees of their partners, featuring music, comedy, karaoke and other social opportunities. EFC have planned 10000 new seats with 15 additional centers across India specially in tier I cities like Mumbai, Delhi -NCR, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.


Locations: Pune & Mumbai

Operational Since: 2014 Total area (in sq.ft.): 180000

No. of Events hosted: 275

Cost: Rs 6,500 per Seat per Month

Rating: 3.5/5


'Empowerers' is not just a space, it's an idea nourished daily through innovation and zest. Apart from entrepreneur and VCs, even students who are in need of a comfortable working environment are encouraged to avail this space at discounted offers. Having begun the operations in 2016, they have managed to clock a houseful capacity of 70 seats.


Locations: Delhi

Operational Since: December 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 3500

No. of events hosted: 4-5 Cost: Rs 7500

Rating: 3.5/5


GoodWorks is a design-inspired co-working space with highend infrastructure and best-in-class facilities. They have an interesting mix of product-based, service-based companies and India centres of MNCs within their space. They conduct regular workshops and trainings for their members and some of their recent workshops include Design Thinking, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Creating the Perfect Sales Pitch, GST for Startups, among others.


Location: Bengaluru

Operational Since: February 2017

Total area (in sq.ft.): 16,000

No. of Events hosted: 13

Cost: Rs 10,000 per seat/ per month

Rating: 3.5/5

Hatch 101

The founders of Hatch101 are Indian School of Business graduates and that gives them access to the alumni and faculty network. The founders have also started a mentorship program wherein they help the start-ups, SMEs as well as freelancers working out of Hatch101 to connect with individuals who are masters in their field. Highly successful start-ups such as Grofers, Curofy, Shipsy started from Hatch101. Moreover, they also help the members companies pitch to several private equity funds, as they are in touch with a several funds which are looking out for fresh talent.


Location: Delhi and Gurugram

Operational Since: 2014

Total area (in sq.ft.): 20,000

No. of Seats available: 200+

Current co-workers: 100+

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 35+

No. of Events hosted: Numerous

Seating cost: Starting at 5,500 Rs / seat

Rating: 4.5/5


Hideout is a cross culture working studio which allows its clients to connect, explore and collaborate with an aim to create an ideal working environment. Open discussion, indoor games, collaborative cookery and diet advices from professionals etc. are given to make work more enthusiastic for the entrepreneurs working here.


Location: Chennai

Operational Since: June 2017

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 6 Companies with 80 Members

Current co-workers: 20

No. of Events hosted: 3

Monthly/weekly cost Monthly: Rs 4275 Weekly: Rs 1275

Rating: 2.5/5

Green Bubbles

Green Bubbles has a spacious, productive and vibrant infra-setting that comes with a flexible tariff from 30 minutes to monthly packages. Moreover, the founders having experience of 35 years in entrepreneurship personally grooms each start-up towards excellence. Moreover, this space is working with corporates and academic institutions for building in-house incubation and accelerator spaces and started entrepreneurship program StartHack to boost start-up culture.


Locations: Two centres in Bengaluru

Operational Since: August 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): 12,000

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 20 companies

No. of Events hosted: 230+ events.

Monthly/weekly cost: Monthly starting from Rs. 7000 and daily at Rs. 500

Rating: 3/5


Brick and mortar office space is just 10 per cent of what we offer. They focus on the skill development and have a virtual acceleration program for start-ups to guide them about the dos and don'ts. They have collaboration with angel networks, accelerators, incubators, educational institutes to organize mentorship sessions, fireside chats and open Q&A sessions. They also arrange tech, legal, accounting, marketing tools in free or discounted formats for the members.


Locations: Current- Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chandigarh

Operational Since: November, 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): Current 70000 sq.ft

No. of Events hosted: Around 400 events

Cost: Daily Pass: Rs 600- 800

Rating: 5/5


iShareSpace isn't as stuffy and formal as a business center but isn't also as informal like your typical co-working spaces. Always located in the heart of the cities, they operate in wellmaintained buildings. Their welldesigned and spacious offices are beautiful and inviting, which makes it a better place to work compared to other co working spaces.


Locations: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Gurugram

Operational Since: April 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 2385 at Mumbai (head office)

No. of Events hosted: 5- 10 in month

Cost: Mumbai Rs 18000 Chennai: Rs 15000 Gurugram: Rs 15000 Bengaluru: Rs 18000

Rating: 4/5


A perfect place for start-ups to meet investors and mentors, Incuspaze regularly organises programs like Investor Connect, Mentor Connect and Services Connect for their clients. Additionally, they organize events every weekend to make their co-workers work in a cheerful environment.


Location: Gurugram

Operational Since: September 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 13,000 sq.ft

No. of Events hosted: 80 - 100+ Monthly/weekly cost: Rs 4,000- Rs 1,200/month

Rating: 4/5


Investopad's co-working studios are not merely a place to work but a potential investment opportunity for early stage tech start-ups! It offers benefits to start-ups through various partnerships such as $1000 in Amazon Web Services credits or discounts at nearby restaurants and pubs.


Locations: Gurugram, Delhi, Bengaluru

Operational Since: May 2013

Total area (in sq.ft.):. Gurugram - 6500 Delhi - 2500 Bengaluru -3000

No. of Events hosted: At least 150 Cost: Day Plan: Rs. 500

Rating: 4.5/5


From the Friday "Chai Party' organized every week to conducting a personal interview prior to accepting the application forms, Jaaga focuses on collaboration within an affordable, beautiful and productive workspace. They provide advice on best practices to the budding start-ups and over $150,000 worth of perks from their partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Web Services, Paytm, Stripe and more.


Locations: Two in Bengaluru

Operational Since: 2009

Total area (in sq.ft.): Over 5,500 Cost: Rs 5000 monthly

Rating: 2.5/5

Ministry of New

While creating this space, the founders asked themselves, "Would this inspire me? Would this place help me work more creatively?" And that's how it all shaped up. The design is eclectic, homey and subtle. Some of the prominent names who worked out of this space are Financial Times (London), DataCenter Dynamics (London), Gelato (Norway) and RoundGlass (USA), Valiance Healthcare, Future East (production house of awardwinning film director Ashim Ahluwalia) and designer Pavitra Rajaram.


Location: Mumbai Operational Since: May 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 8000

Current co-workers: 150

No. of Events hosted: 80 - 100 events in total Monthly/weekly cost: 19,500 (month), 5,500 (week), 12,000 (for 100 hours)

Rating: 4/5


Not just a regular co-working space, Numa has three verticals: accelerator, corporate innovation and co-working. It provides its start-ups with design and web and app development assistance, along with mentorship. In its acceleration program, it takes 10 -12 early stage tech start-ups and mentor them for five months by giving them free space to work and also a bootstrap money to start off with.


Location: Bengaluru Operational Since: 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): 3,800

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 60 per cent occupied

No. of Events hosted: 40+ Events hosted so far. Monthly/weekly cost: Open Space - Rs 300 (Daily Pass)/ Rs 6,500 (Monthly). Quiet Space - Rs. 500 (Daily)/ Rs. 10,000 (Monthly)

Rating: 4/5

Launch Space

Pune-based Launch Space provides the comfort of working from home and the availability of essential amenities to run a successful business. The USP of this space is the fact that they offer services on demand in collaboration with the other member start-ups - like auditing, financial advice, lead generation, social media handling etc.


Location: Pune Operational Since: 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 1,000

Co working companies: Upgrowth, City Shor Pune, PastByjus. Monthly/weekly cost: Rs.5,000 per seat per month

Rating: 3/5


The founders of MyHQ realized that there are several huge commercial properties in the market which remain vacant during its off-peak hours of utilization; whether it is pub which is not operational during the day, an office cafe which is used only used during the lunch hour or a hotel whose lounge area is hardly used. myHQ exclusively focuses on such spaces and converts them into work-friendly zones.


Locations: About 30 spaces in Delhi and NCR

Operational Since: July 2016 Total area (in sq.ft.): NA

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 1500 members

No. of Events hosted: 65 Monthly/weekly cost: Free - you only pay for food consumption. Our subscriptions are extremely flexible, you can work across all myHQ Spaces with a single subscription. We don't charge a monthly rental.

Rating: 3.5/5


Headquartered in California and Dubai, and partners all across the globe, Stirring Minds provide the right environment to the Indian start-ups. From Sequoia, to SAIF, to Matrix, to Helion, to Unitus, they work with more than 30 VC firms/ seed funds and angel groups. Moreover, they have tie-ups with US based, European, Singaporean and Middle East accelerators, incubators and Universities. Stirring Minds regularly organizes video sessions with global mentor network in their space.


Locations: Delhi and Gurgaon

Operational Since: Early 2013 Total area (in Sq. Ft.): 20000

No of events: 360 plus Cost : Rs 999/ person/ month to Rs 8000/ person / month.

Rating: 4.5/5


Currently, operational with three spaces in Kolkata, one can book seats or rooms at Nwook by the hour. They provide bulk passes of 50 or 100 hours for those who'd like to use the space regularly. The high point of this space is it's affordability that is offered on an hourly basis starting as low as Rs. 30. Additionally, Nwook has their tie-ups with several gyms, hotels and standalone coffee shops.


Locations: 3 in Kolkata

Operational Since: January 2017

Total area (in sq.ft.): 8500 sq. ft.

No. of Events hosted: 1-2/month Cost: Rs. 1350 (15-day validity, 50-hour pass) to Rs. 6300. Monthly/weekly cost: Pricing ranges from Rs. 1350 (15-day validity, 50-hour pass) to Rs. 6300 (dedicated seat on a monthly basis).

Rating: 2.5/5


Another pet-friendly co-working space, OF10 does not allow two companies from the same field to work here. An array of offerings includes hackathons and startup incubation sessions, regular talks by industry leaders and dynamic workshops. Of10 is an idea/mindset shift rather than a physical space.


Location: Mumbai

Operational Since: March, 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 6,000

No. of Events hosted: 40+ Cost: determined on the basis of the seat an value of the services

Rating: 3/5


To create an inclusive space, Share-a-space celebrates co working by hosting games like box cricket, celebrating birthdays, providing flexible and friendly environment to its members. Before providing a workspace, the founders tests your attitude towards work, job profile and the hunger to succeed. They regularly organize chai and snacks party to keep the environment positive.


Location: Pune

Operational Since: April, 2017

Total area (in sq.ft.): 2000

No. of Events hosted: 4 Cost: starts at 5000 per month

Rating: 2.5/5

Startup Tunnel

Startup Tunnel is an accelerator and incubator. Every year, they select 10 start-ups who are working on emerging technologies in the areas of cleantech, civictech, digital governance, fintech, healthcare and upskilling platforms for lower income groups. They provide start-ups with microfunding and also offer support for follow-up funding for entrepreneurs by connecting them to angel investors.


Location: Delhi Operational Since: 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 12,500

No. of Events hosted: 10-15 events annually Cost: Rs 4,000 to Rs 40,000. More details available on request.

Rating: 3/5

Red Bricks

With customized office solutions for your team, Red Bricks highlights the importance of having a cost effective and fun ambience at work. For recreational purpose, they regularly organize simple games to keep up the enthusiasm. To embed a strong team culture, this space organizes social and professional events every week.


Locations: 7 centers in Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad

Operational Since: December, 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): 2,90,200

No. of Events hosted: 2-4/ month

Monthly/weekly cost: Rs 15,000 per workstation.

Rating: 3/5


Well known for mixology sessions for its members, movie nights and other fun events, Social has special culture managers dedicated to ensure the members are at ease and are entertained. They regularly organize panel discussions and sessions curated for their members on subjects like Growth-Hack, Impact of GST, Financial Inclusion etc.


Locations: Four each in Delhi and Mumbai, two in Bengaluru and one in Gurugram

No. of Events hosted: 27-35 Monthly/weekly

Cost: Monthly: INR 5000 At the Hauz Khas Social, there is no rental cost. The clients have to pay for the consumable.

The IPlex

If you are a pure corporate, searching for a formal workspace then The Iplex should be your point of contact. It has a corporate ambience compared to other informal work spaces. With six operational centers, it is looking for 20 more centers by the end of 2018.


Locations: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Ahmadabad and Baroda

Operational Since: 2011

Total area (in sq.ft.): 3 Lakhs sq. ft.

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 35 with 720 members

No. of Events hosted: 32

Monthly/weekly cost: INR10,000 per month.


Starthub co-working space is located in one of the premium locations of the city, equidistant from airport and station. It is one of the luxurious yet functional workspaces at an affordable pricing. Founded by Nikhil Mote, Stanford Business School alumni, and Viraj Mote, Purdue alumni, this space stands amongst the competitors for its strong networks and collaborations.


Location: Pune

Operational Since: September 2016

Total area (in sq.ft.): 3,000

Monthly/weekly cost: INR 6,999/month and Rs 2,000/week.

Current co-workers: Nearbuy, Limetray, Dineout, knowlarity Collaboration done with BASBulgarian based accelerator Program.


India's only co-working space that is registered under Startup India, Trios provides affordable work spaces for established companies and the start-ups alike. Keeping technology and IoT at the center, Trios provides excellent office spaces along with proper recreational opportunity. It organizes special events like movie sessions, outings and treks for its members.


Locations: Pune. 4 centres coming up in Gurugram and Bengaluru.

Operational Since: November 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): 32,000 sq ft

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 35 with 720 members

No. of Events hosted: 300+ events hosted

Cost: INR 7,000/- per seat monthly

The Mesh

The Mesh is Pune's first coworking space that started in 2014 in a quaint 1500 sq ft office, with 30 members from various walks of start-up life. Not very uptight with their rules, The Mesh encourages their co-workers to treat the space as their own and hence, every workstation has been designed as per the co-worker's wishes. Not to forget, The Mesh is a pet-friendly space and they also have their own dogs which keep the entrepreneurs buzzing on stressful days.


Location: Pune

Operational Since: 2014

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 50 companies and 150 plus members

No. of Events hosted: 7 events Monthly/weekly

Cost: Not to be disclosed

The Matchbox Cowork

The Matchbox Cowork teleports you to a unique and friendly ambience, which promises to make you feel on the 'top of the world'. This unconventional, boutique co-working space aims to inspire and collaborate with various types of people of the community without losing focus on individuality. For now, The Matchbox Cowork has only one operational center but they do plan to open more centers across various locations by 2018.


Location: Mumbai

Operational Since: April 2017

Total area (in sq.ft.): Built up area - 1,100 and Carpet Area is 850

No. of Events hosted: On an average 3-4 per month Cost: Rs.539 per day, Rs.4,950 for 10 days and Rs.9,900 for a month

The Founders Café

The Founders Caf? gives you access to curated events conducted by marquee VCs, individuals, companies, communities and government bodies with deep focus on technological development and collaboration. It has breakout zones and a caf? promoting an interactive environment for coworkers to interact and communicate.


Location: Delhi

Operational Since: 2015

Current co-workers: Prospitious, Goalz, Velmenni Li-Fi, Vartecha, Exon Solutions, Fitternity, Studio Krew, Spark 18

Total area (in sq.ft.): 5,500

No. of Events hosted: 100+ Monthly/weekly cost: Rs 8,000 per month and Rs 2,100 per week


Thinkspace is not just a bunch of desks and chairs thrown in together, it is a space specially designed to foster creativity and collaboration. Ranging from complimentary or subsided passes to startup events, expert classes for entrepreneurs, investor demo days and presentations by leading angel networks, ThinkSpace strives to build an environment conducive for the growth of the coworkers. Apart from that they organize chai pe charcha, movie and mattress party every Saturday night and cofounder dating events. They have one center at present are looking at opening three more centers, one each in Jodhpur, Udaipur and Kota.


Location: Jaipur

Operational Since: 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): 2150.

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 9

Current co-workers: 26 No. of Events hosted: 47 Monthly/weekly cost: Rs 5000/monthly and Rs 1800/ weekly

The Playce

One of the oldest co-working spaces in Navi Mumbai, The Playce has hosted more than 150 events and over 200 entrepreneurial teams. Events like Weekend Ventures, Startup Weekends, Design Hackathon, Quora meetups have been some of their highlights. These have been attended by acclaimed mentors and VCs.


Location: Mumbai

Operational Since: Jan 2013

Total area (in sq.ft.): 4000 sq ft

No. of Events hosted: 150 Cost: Rs.6500 for individual seat


The Hive is one of India's largest collaborative workspaces with a fitness centre, rooftop bar, temperature controlled pool, suites and residences, spa & salon, cafe & microbrewery, plethora of shopping outlets and more.


Location: Bengaluru

Operational Since: October 2016 Total area (in sq.ft.): 100,000

Current co-workers include iD Fresh, Alphonso Inc, Cond? Nast, Ghodawat Aviation, Quona Capital, Shopamatic, Coin Secure

No. of Events hosted: 50+ in the past 6 months Cost: Hot desks: Rs. 6,999 per month, Dedicated desks: Rs. 9,999 per month, Private cabins: Rs. 12,499 per seat per month and customised office spaces on a case-to-case basis.


Structurally giving their members sufficient work space, Workly's spaces are Vastu compliant and designed in a way that there is enough sunlight everywhere which enhances positivity. They regularly organize talks and events which encourages start-ups to grow their businesses, achieve their goals and, ultimately, thrive. At present they are catering to 2 centres but planning to expand further.


Locations: Delhi and Mumbai

Operational Since: May 2016 Total area (in sq.ft.): 2200 (Delhi), 3700 (Mumbai)

No. of Events hosted: 25-30

Delhi Charges: Cabin Rs 13990/ per month, Dedicated Workstation: Rs 8990/ per month

Mumbai Pricing: Team Cabin Rs 13990/per month, Dedicated Workstation Rs 11990/ per month.


Unboxed Coworking is created with a vision to operate as a Centre of Excellence, with a like-minded community aligned towards a common vision. With the growing network, Unboxed aims to increase this spectrum and bring a positive impact to the society at a larger level. Members are selected on the basis of their approach towards the work. If individuals seem motivated, entrepreneurial who is promising to bring about a disruption, he will surely get selected.


Locations: Noida Operational Since: August 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.):. 12,000

No. of Events hosted: 22

Cost: Monthly: Individuals for Rs 6250, Teams - Rs 5250


WeWork, a co-working community of 150,000+ members has beautifully designed workstations for teams of any size. Startups under their roof get the privilege of healthcare, payment processing, IT support, payroll and legal support. Currently, this space has tied up with Karnataka Government to provide comprehensive entrepreneurship programs for start-ups.


Locations: Bengaluru & Mumbai

Operational Since: Bengaluru (July 2017) & Mumbai (Sept 2017) Total area:(in sq.ft.): Bengaluru (1.4 lakh sqft) & Mumbai (1.9 lakh sqft)

No. of Events hosted: Three per week

Cost: Private office starts from Rs 40,200/ month Dedicated desk starts from Rs 25,000/month oHot desk starts from Rs 18,000/month oPrivate office starts from Rs 20,000/ month oDedicated desk starts from Rs 16,500/month Hot desk starts from Rs 9,999/month

2499 Office

What sets 2499 Office apart from other coworking spaces is the fact that they focus on its budget. Not believing in pickand-choose, 2499 Office gives equal opportunity to everyone who needs a working space.


Locations: Delhi and Gurugram

Operational Since: August 2015 Total area (in Sq.ft.): 12,000

Current co-workers: Letreach.com, Leadsquied. com, Mapper, Deyorcamps, Asssanjobs.com, edWisor, cherishx, registermymarriage

Monthly/weekly cost: Varies from Rs 3000 to Rs 8000

Zen coworks

Zen Coworks has great in-house talent in VC, mentoring, legal, fintech and digital marketing. They believe in working in a serious mode with some office ethics and culture. Moreover, by offering a true office environment the members will be able to concentrate and excel with their business agendas.


Location: Delhi

Operational Since: November 2015 Total area (in sq.ft.): 2000

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 110

No. of Events hosted: 50

Monthly/weekly cost: Rs 2500-48000 per month from open space seating to private cabins


Laying thrust upon improving the quality of work of the employees, 91springboard organizes events geared towards networking and gaining knowledge. The vibrancy of their workspace along with embellishing interiors makes you feel like working and giving out productive outputs. 91springboard provides an atmosphere where there is continuous learning happening and that their members can tap into as and when needed.


Locations: Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad

Operational Since: 2013

Total area (in sq.ft.): Multiple hubs No. of Events hosted: 100+ events every month at our hubs

Cost: Varies by hub

ONE Co.Work

One Co.Work is one place for start-ups to turn their dream into reality. To develop a positive and inspiring environment, they regularly organize networking events and have excellent set of mentors and support staff. The various services provided by One Co.Work are aligned with the vision of start-ups and thus help them move from an idea to a successful venture. Its services encapsulate a unique concoction of infrastructure, virtual presence, connection, inspirations and other facilities to meet the end-to-end requirements of start-ups of all scales and sizes.


Locations: Two in Delhi and one in Gurugram. Operational soon in Bengaluru, Noida, Mumbai and Hyderabad with total sqft 13000+22000+15500+13000 respectively i.e total 63500 sqft space.

Operational Since: September 2015

Total area (in sq.ft.): 13,000 sq feet operational

Facilities offered: The portfolio of services they offer includes state-of-theart open and private offices, hot desks, high speed internet (LAN and Wi-Fi), conference rooms, HR/Admin/Reception/ IT support, networking and mentoring sessions, membership privileges.

No. of Co-working Companies and Members: 11 companies and 260 members

Current co-workers: MIC start-ups and corporation

No. of Events hosted: 4 events weekly

Monthly/weekly cost: It depends on the location you select. For Connaught Place workspace the monthly cost would be Rs 12,000 per person and for four days it would be Rs 2,000.

Punita Sabharwal

Entrepreneur Staff

Managing Editor, Entrepreneur India

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