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Entrepreneurial Insights from Lord Ram's Life Journey and Values For business leaders traversing the complexities of our modern landscape, adopting the teachings of Lord Rama and embracing his profound virtues of duty, dignity, courage, leadership, and compassion can be key to achieving positive results.

By Rahul Garg

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Throughout Lord Rama's entire life there are a plethora of stories that serve as guiding principles for all.

"A wise man should foresee tragedy or misfortune and take action to prevent or overcome such tragedy or misfortune well before it strikes. Thus, only he can enjoy a safe and good life." These words of wisdom, spoken by Lord Rama to Lakshman in the Ramayana, hold immense value, even in our modern times. In fact, throughout Lord Rama's entire life, from his auspicious birth to his 14-year-long vanvas, conquest of Lanka, triumph over Ravana, and eventual reign as king, there are a plethora of stories that serve as guiding principles for all.

Especially for business leaders traversing the complexities of our modern landscape, adopting the teachings of Lord Rama and embracing his profound virtues of duty, dignity, courage, leadership, and compassion can be key to achieving positive results. Across my own journey in the supply chain and procurement industry, the lessons from Lord Rama's life have served as treasure troves for success. From the very start of my professional journey as a budding engineer to eventually establishing my own company, Lord Rama's teachings have helped me build my guiding beliefs and develop my personal and organizational ethos.

Lessons Transcending Time: How Lord Rama's Life Has shaped My Journey

Throughout history, Lord Rama has stood as the personification of courage, dignity, and righteousness, influencing people across generations with his profound lessons. As leaders navigate the intricacies of modern business, these virtues and teachings can serve as timeless guidelines for building lasting success with honor and honesty.

When I started my company, Moglix, and ventured into the vibrant world of organizational leadership, Lord Rama's life served as constant inspiration, guiding my entrepreneurial decisions and processes. These are just a few of the powerful lessons from Lord Rama that I have applied to mold my entrepreneurial journey:

  • Leading by Example: What made Lord Rama an exceptional leader was his ability to lead by example. He was the embodiment of the Sanskrit phrase "Yatha raja, tatha praja," which translates to "As the king, so are the subjects." Lord Rama always showed kindness and humility, never losing the common touch and demonstrating what he expected from his followers.

Similarly, throughout my professional journey, I have practiced putting myself in the shoes of my colleagues and associates, only asking them for tasks I would be willing to do myself. By embodying the virtues and ethics I wish to see in the organization, I have always strived to exemplify my expectations.

  • The Art of Communication and Collaboration: Lord Rama was an exceptional communicator, always remaining approachable and valuing the input from his subjects. Furthermore, he ensured collaboration across his followers and effectively delegated responsibility, as highlighted by the efforts of Hanuman and the Vanar Sena in building the bridge to Lanka.

    From these stories, I have learned to articulate my vision, expectations, and values clearly, fostering a culture of transparency and ensuring my teammates get the attention they deserve. Similarly, I have embraced collaboration by building strong relationships with associates and stakeholders and entrusting my teams to meet critical business objectives.
  • Embracing Duty and Responsibility: Lord Rama possessed a strong sense of duty, never shying away from his responsibilities and relentlessly fulfilling his roles as a son, brother, and ruler. Likewise, I have learned to fulfill my responsibilities towards my teams, customers, and stakeholders with the utmost dedication, integrity, and sincerity. The legacy of Lord Rama has taught me to take responsibility for the well-being and performance of my team and also assume accountability for my decisions, regardless of the outcome.
  • Adherence to Principles in the Face of Adversities: Throughout his life, in the face of countless adversities such as his exile and the abduction of his beloved wife Sita, Lord Rama constantly upheld moral values such as honesty and integrity, only ever making decisions aligned with dharma. Learning from Lord Rama's impeccable embodiment of his virtues, I have constantly upheld my core values throughout my professional journey, even when battling obstacles. This has allowed me to lead openly, never lose sight of my beliefs, and live a life free from regrets.

Harmonizing Ancient Wisdom With Modern Business Realities

Traversing our fast-paced business landscape, it can be easy to forget our morals, becoming misguided by greed for greater profits. In the face of such temptations, it's imperative to embrace our ancient wisdom and practice them within our modern business realities. As business leaders in supply chain and procurement, an industry that encompasses a wide range of stakeholders across the globe, it is essential to practice virtues such as kindness, honesty, integrity, and compassion when conducting business operations. These have been the founding ethos of Moglix, helping the company prosper into an ethical, sustainable, and transparent business.

Similarly, performing our ancient practices, such as Pran Pratishtha, can serve as an ideal method of harmonizing ancient wisdom with our modern lives. With the auspicious occasion of Pran Pratishtha Day and the inauguration of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir quickly approaching on January 22, led by our honorable PM Narendra Modi, we can see that our sacred traditions and practices still hold a significant place in our modern, fast-paced lives.

Teachings From the Past to Build a Brighter Future

Drawing inspiration from the life of Lord Rama, the essence of duty, leading by example, effective communication, and unwavering adherence to principles emerge as guiding beacons for navigating the complex business landscape. By embracing his timeless principles and integrating them into my own journey, I have achieved my biggest business objectives and promoted kindness, compassion, and sustainable growth within my organization. As we approach Pran Pratishtha Day, a celebration of ancient wisdom in our present-day realities, I invite fellow business leaders to reflect on the teachings from Lord Rama's life, embrace his virtues, and steer their professional journeys towards success built on honor, honesty, and compassion.

Rahul Garg

Founder & CEO at Moglix

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