Rahul Garg

Founder & CEO at Moglix


News and Trends

Empowering MSMEs: Unlocking India's Trillion-Dollar Manufacturing Potential

By empowering MSMEs, India can realize its vision of a robust trillion-dollar manufacturing sector, fueling economic prosperity and sustainable development

Growth Strategies

Entrepreneurial Insights from Lord Ram's Life Journey and Values

For business leaders traversing the complexities of our modern landscape, adopting the teachings of Lord Rama and embracing his profound virtues of duty, dignity, courage, leadership, and compassion can be key to achieving positive results.

News and Trends

Supply Chains of the Future: Technology, Localization, and Resilience to build in 2024

Strong technological solutions serve as a backbone for the supply chains of the future. These innovations have been building resilience in the supply chains of today and are bound to be the drivers of the high-performing supply chains of tomorrow

News and Trends

B2B E-commerce In 2021: Accelerating Digital India

While B2C e-commerce will ensure accessibility to the last person standing, B2B e-commerce will enable manufacturers to ensure availability and affordability of goods by optimizing the supply chain


Next Generation E-Commerce Marketplace is Here and Technology is Fuelling its Growth

The e-commerce game is no longer about being the fastest in the space but about being able to deliver in a price range that matches with the customer needs.

Growth Strategies

Establishing New Digital Infrastructure For E-Invoicing To Solve For GST Tax Credits

Without a well-designed and well-functioning IT system, the benefits of GST will remain elusive.

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