Here's What Helps Indian Manufacturers Take on Global Markets

Sanjay Jadhav, President of Sterling and Wilson Powergen Pvt Ltd - is part of the larger conglomerate of Shapoorji Pallonji Group

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By Sneha Banerjee • Dec 21, 2016

Sterling and Wilson Powergen

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Sanjay Jadhav, President of Sterling and Wilson Powergen Pvt Ltd, which is part of the larger conglomerate of Shapoorji Pallonji Group, often dilly-dallies between Mumbai, Bangalore and other countries where his company has expanded under his leadership.

While he was in Bangalore for barely two days earlier this week, Entrepreneur India spoke to him about what goes behind managing such a large conglomerate and adapts to the fluctuating market scenario in India and globally.

Focus on these things during tough times

The market goes up and down and one can't be sure how it's going to be heading. When time isn't really good, one has to really have their focus on their operations and customers should be at the centre of every activity you conduct, Sanjay said.

We are also becoming leaner and removing all the costs from the system. We try to make our operations more agile and cost competitive and give the right service to the customer are areas we focus on during tougher times, he adds.

Shapoorji Pallonji & Co Ltd is one of the largest construction groups in India, made a successful foray into the Power Generation Industry in 2005 with Sterling Generators. The wide range of diesel generators are marketed by Sterling & Wilson Powergen, part of the Sterling & Wilson Group.

Expanding globally – What should an Indian company do?

Sanjay, who has been an integral part of Powergen's expansion into global markets, said that for an Indian-based company to venture abroad it's important to have the right infrastructure and product quality.

"China for instance has tailor-made their products to suit the market requirements of different countries. Indian manufactures often find it difficult to get the right quality as standards of quality in Europe and U.S. are very different. To be successful in countries like Europe and Middle-East one has to have the right product quality," he said.

Prior to expanding into a new market, Sanjay basically checks the political situation, economic openness of the country and whether the country is a growing economy.

According to Sanjay, the energy sector will gradually see the coal-based power plants phase out very soon. From the renewable energy aspect, Indian market will predominantly be all about wind and solar energy as the availability of gas in India is an issue

Sanjay drives the DC sets business in India for Powergen, in South East Asia and Africa. He has handled product at previous organizations like Lighting, Switchgear, UPS, Electrical Contracts, DieselGenesets.

Powergen currently operates in 40 countries.


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