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The Role of E-Commerce Platforms in the Festival of Democracy and How the Latter is Creating Business Articles which the parties require for campaigning, are sourced from e-commerce platforms as they are not easily accessible from anywhere

By Ankit Gupta

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Every time in India when elections are about around the corner, be it the state, assembly or Lok Sabha, a lot of bustle surrounds them and there is much more that goes into their making, than party manifestos and campaign speeches. Just like any other festival, the festival of democracy entails certain activities, which flourish in this season like no other. This year too, amidst the ongoing preparations for the 17thLok Sabha election in India, political parties are aggressively campaigning across the country holding events to publicize themselves in the nationwide political competition.

Set-up for Campaigning

When political parties hold promotional events, they need to repeatedly put in place a proper setup, which emphasizes on everything from seating to sound system with an intention to make a significant impact on the people, who they see as potential voters. With elections around the corner, the campaigning pace has accelerated and the demand for customized articles like canopies, party flags etc. that are required for the set-up, are flooding the market. The magnitude of this demand is unlocking new business potentials, which always spring up during the election period. This time, it is e-commerce, which is taking up a substantial portion of the sales.

Why E-Commerce

Articles such as flags, badges, buntings, electoral symbols, tents, wrist-bands, headbands, banners, billboards, canopies, t-shirts, sound systems, printing etc., which parties require for campaigning, are sourced from e-commerce platforms as they are easily accessible from anywhere. There are many other reasons that are making e-commerce websites popular destination when it comes to making extensive purchases for campaigning:

  • Ease of Shopping: The easy accessibility of the market and the comfort of making purchases from anywhere make it an attractive option for their campaign-related tasks. There is no need to bother about physically going to the market to make the purchase. Instead, one can place their orders online and channelize their effort and resources into something of greater significance to their campaign.

  • One Stop Shop: During the election time, when already a lot is happening, the workers or volunteers have no time to visit different places to check different options available in the market. Online shopping, being a one shop stop with all kinds of goods in different price ranges, save them the trouble, time and resources they would have otherwise spent.

  • Quality Check: In spite of all the ease that comes with shopping on e-commerce platforms, the assurance of quality is not compromised. For the credibility of the quality of products on sale, one can look up to product reviews and ratings given by other customers.

  • Hassle-Free and Quick Delivery: One doesn't need to bother about carrying the products physically as the products are shipped and delivered within a short period of time on the given address. It is hassle-free because the payment can be made either in cash or via the online modes, as per the convenience of the customer.

Shooting Online Sales

E-commerce platforms across the country are thus witnessing a steep rise in their businesses with sales going much higher than before. For instance, B2B platforms have seen a jump of 40per cent in sales with a manifold increase in orders for canopies, banners, billboards, flags, badges, mufflers, t-shirts, etc, in comparison to the previous LS elections held in 2014.

E-commerce platforms have departed from the usual ways of business and with the help of technology and internet revolution, are bringing multiple options in the market on our fingertips. While political parties are heavily relying on them to source theme-based materials for their campaigns, the business is seasonal. However, considering India's large electorate of 90 crore voters, the ever-increasing political activities, and the 13-crore first-time voters, the stream of revenue will be strong for the e-commerce platforms as most of the voters will continue reaching out for merchandises that proclaim their loyalties.

Ankit Gupta

Vice President, COO,

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