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"True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve." by Sheri L. Dew

By Chandra Ganjoo


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In today's era, everyone runs behind success and growth and what is forgotten between this is excellence, and this is exactly why leadership plays a vital and curtail role in an organization. But the bigger question here is, what is leadership? A classic example of a good organizational leader is the top executive in the organizational management who directs and is in control of all aspects of the operations of the organization.

Leaders of Today

Having said that, to be an effective leader, one has to manage available resources, communicate, supervise and inspire others around them and therefore leadership goes beyond just managerial duties. A true leader will always motivate his team to act in line with achieving a common goal and put the interest of the organization before his/her own personal interests. But not all leaders are the same; every leader differs in their own ways such as opinion, thoughts, characteristics and style. Their leadership style depends on the situation that they face in an organization and who they are as a person.

The Management

Not all top management personal prove to be good leaders, it's all about having good leadership skills that makes one a good leader. Leadership is an art or process of influencing people to perform assigned tasks willingly, efficiently and competently. If there is no proper leadership, the manager reporting below him/her will not be able to perform efficiently and this in turn will hamper the entire organization's goals. Thus, when good leadership is in place, it can be felt throughout the entire organization.

Another key skill for a good leader is to inspire people to reach great heights of success and performance. Many senior leaders often think that employees will follow them because of their title or the organizational hierarchy. However this does not mean that the leader inspires them to do their best work. An inspirational leader walks the talk, which essentially means performing his/her duties first before he simply delegates to others.

A Leader's Responsibility

By now we all know what leadership is all about and what it takes to be a good leader, but managing an organization as a leader is not an easy task, it involves a set of challenges one might face through the course. While there are many challenges, some of them need more attention, one of which is efficient communication, effectively communicating the overall mission and vision of the organization and where it is headed is of prime importance. Another challenge is converting strategy into outcomes by designating responsibilities to those employees which leaders deem important for success. Simply converting the strategy into outcomes through the right people is not enough; a leader's responsibility is to also provide strategic direction towards achievement of the desired objective, only then can a favourable outcome be achieved.

Duties and Performance

However, while performing all its duties internally, a leader will also have to maintain cordial relations with the client so as to build long term relations as a leader does not just delegate and lead his organization; he has to perform certain managerial duties himself to ensure smooth working within as well as outside the organization.


Since communication is key, global and national leaders are also responsible to lead teams across multiple locations. As a leader, you must communicate with all employees across several locations to ensure all employees work with the same morale. It is the leader's responsibility to manage his in-house team and employees in different locations to lead the organization successfully.

With this we clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of a leader and the importance of good leadership Also through this article we come to realize the value of an employee and therefore motivating and encouraging them to accomplish organizational goals at large is of great importance for a leader.

Team Work

As a leader, making the team feel appreciated and important can have a great impact on their output. Thus creating a positive work-environment and being approachable will play a crucial role as employees tend to value their leaders who respect their sincere efforts at work. Hence it is rightly said that a true leader should always earn respect rather than demand it.

Chandra Ganjoo

Executive Director, Group CPO & Head Corporate Communications, Trivitron Healthcare

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