Accede to Professionalism to Have an Edge Over Others

Professionalism is the buzzword to ace in one's career. One must enjoy doing the work but must always conduct it professionally to derive the desired upshot.

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Are you the cool dude wearing swanky jeans and t-shirt to office?


Are you carrying fashionable hair and a voguish bag to work?

Have you recently updated a picture of you with your girlfriend on your LinkedIn profile?

If yes, you have been a victim of faux pas situation. If you wish an upsurge in your life, you have to be ardently professional in your mannerism and ethics.

Professionalism, according to the dictionary, marks the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize a profession or professional person.

It's the mannerism, code of conduct, astute appearance and the aura around you that make you look and feel like a professional. When asked, Mr. Ankur Gupta, proprietor of Shori Chemicals, vouches for the value of professionalism. He says, "Wearing a formal dress code and not-so jovial attitude of addressing others has definitely given him a' head honcho' feel at work".

Now let's discuss the aspects of professionalism which will definitely help you be "the big cheese' at your job, career or business.

1. Formal attire

One should always wear the formal shirt and trouser with proper shoes to the workplace from Monday to Friday. Saturday could still be relatively casual attire. Be it a job or a business undertaking, your appearance speaks volume of your personality and helps build trust in you.

If you are the sloppily dressed with unkempt hair, you'll never be considered a bigwig and the employers or the customers are likely to take advantage as your aura would be so meek.

"I loved wearing ripped jeans to work but was always taken for granted. Then I switched to power business suit dress up and noticed the high muckamuck status I was escalated to," confesses Vasudha Gupta, founder of Armofs company.

2. Organized office environment

A uniform color coordination in the company website, letterheads, office interiors and the logo are of utmost importance in making the organization professional. In this epoch of digitalization, one cannot work without a website, email and blogs. It's best advised if all of the above have a uniform logo and color scheme in connivance with the product/company and it further synchronizes with the office interiors and environment.

If, for example, the beauty soap Lux is black in color, who'll actually deem it fit to make us look fairer?

Hence the color of the product should be relevant to its purpose and it further will give a professional look if it's concurrent with the office environment and websites, which actually is the customer's first impression.

Also, the company websites and official Facebook/Instagram identities should steer clear of personal uploads and be strictly work oriented.

3. Work ethics

The way you conduct yourself vis-à-vis your work will decide the future of your projects. A happy client or a happy boss wants to see an enthusiastic, dedicated and honest person who is also gung-ho to help others too.

One must avoid being a work shirker and never have the callous attitude at work, howsoever ghastly your day might have been.

4. Time is imperative

Jim Rohn effectively summarizes the paramount value of being on time for career," Either you run the day, or the day runs you."

You have to do things timely and conclude your impending projects well within deadlines, no matter how daunting it is. Time is money and valuing it would render a professional outlook in your work.

5. Be humane

Your demeanor towards colleagues, clients and bosses should be ethical and always in accordance with the requisite code of conduct. Professionalism demands you to be proficient and competent, not severing the conduct of morality, courteous behavior, accountability and being trustworthy.

Last words- Professionalism is the buzzword to ace in one's career. One must enjoy doing the work but must always conduct it professionally to derive the desired upshot.