Do Downfalls in One Career Pave Way For the Other? The aim and the target can be best focused on if you are free in your mind and can spare time and effort to pursue your inclination

By Sania Gupta

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You have suddenly been kicked out of your job!

Or your million dollar business is running into debts!

Aren't the above situations heart-wrenching enough to drive you into depression? You may wonder you have lost it all and may be on the verge of a breakdown. The sky seems dull and gloomy and this is the end of the world. But attention! This is just the way to take you to another "right' door. This, in fact, gives rise to a new opportunity which may be meant for you or which suits your interest better.

It has happened in so many famous bigwig cases too that faltering of one career (howsoever depressive it might sound) leads you to a new career path. Here are a few path-breaking points to be kept in mind:

1. Checkpoint of goals and inclination

You applied for the first job because you needed to make a living. But after you have been driven out of it, look for the jobs/careers you have always wanted to do. You have to hunt for opportunities where your interests and goals are well aligned to the end results.

Raghav Bhandari, now a private investment banker, is satisfied and elated after quitting his partnership with A.K.Bhandhari and Associates because his formal training along with his qualification in chartered accountancy was not what he was looking for. He wanted to make it "big' in investments and hence the decision to quit the firm happened. He cross-analyzed his goals which aligned with the new job.

2. Reinvent and refurbish yourself

Consider this time-off from work as a learning period and add skills and values to your portfolio. Make a diversification from what you have been doing and learn a new chapter. Learn a new language or new software or maybe even a culinary course. Who knows where you might unravel your inclination or the next sparkling idea?

Rajat Bhatia, Managing Director of Geekay Bikes, has taken a time-off from his current post to discover his inner strengths and inclinations. He has been utilizing this break to learn new skills and update his resume.

3. Set your targets

You have to set a vision and ambition for yourself if you have to fulfil your inner desires. Instead of brooding over what is lost, you should embrace the change positively. Take it as a stepping stone to success to newer, greener pastures. Do not dwell over what is lost. Instead, dream big, set a target and work in that direction.

Chris Branter, Founder of, was initially a teacher and a freelance writer. It was only after he quit teaching he could dream big of starting a venture of his own. He says, "I wanted to be my own boss and was willing to work harder for it. After quitting teaching, I went full-time with my website which started doing very well."

The aim and the target can be best focused on if you are free in your mind and can spare time and effort to pursue your inclination.

Jovim Ventura, Founder of InoPrints, had a series of unsuccessful launches and failures before nailing his dream finally. His tale of woes starts from working as a Sales and Marketing Analyst for SurePayroll when he says, "My dad always told me to focus more on the learning experience than the paycheck when looking for a job. I knew it was time to quit when I couldn't add more value to the company." Starting his own business was a roller coaster ride and he is proud to have spawned off and as well.

The Moral:

With a few of the umpteen examples, it is evident that life doesn't come to an end when one door closes. It rather opens up doors and windows to new avenues which your heart is calling for. Stay positive and hone your skills to unleash a brighter person within you. Aim big and target the arrow in the direction of your aspirations. You'll surely meet your heart's contentment if you focus in the right direction.

Sania Gupta


Sania Gupta is also Founder and CEO, Digital Kangaroos, an author, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger. And as a career coach at My Study Destination, she has helped thousands of students realize their dreams.

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